I waited till I was faded

ran away to the coast

lost my drive, complacent

I charaded, contemplated

woke up from the dream

and came back impatient

laid out the blueprints

reviewed and took the hints

looking for wrong things

loosen prerequisites

I found a calm one

constant for my formula

but when my body betrayed me

Now I’m the enemy

I’d like to thank her

she did me a favor

she couldn’t handle it

cut all ties and made us irrelevant


I don’t

need to know

where we go

when our eyes close


I’m fine

biding time

anticipating you invade my mind


I used to worry about

what well see

when it all comes down

will there be anything


but as long as you’re laying next to me

I can rest and dream so carelessly

I found your picture and I probably should have thrown it away

stuck on an image of a person that you can’t portray

I left the driveway and made my way to the freeway

someone asked where I was headed

nowhere, a lie but its so telling

I brought roses

one in the hand, with the rest on the seat

you brought distance

that didn’t last long, your armor was weak

I lost my best friend

you already warned your friend

you weren’t coming home

that’s when we hit the road

we left the city

I knew you missed me

robin sang us home

my room never felt so cold


I hate the truth

tell me who made the rules

I needed to take control

I lost years, my mind,

reaped what I sew

but I needed all of this

leading to a

meeting of the one I can’t resist

there could be no way

but she’s the one asking me to stay