Baltimore activists demand: ‘No U.S. War With Syria!’

Peace and justice activists held an anti-war demonstration Friday with a message that was clear and cogent: ‘”No U.S. war with Syria!”

The rally took place at Centre and North Charles Streets at the base of the Washington  Monument in the historic Mt. Vernon District. The activists insisted there was no clear evidence that Syria had perpetrated any “chemical attack” on its own people. They also cautioned against any rush to judgement in this controversial matter, especially in light of the 935 serial lies and deceptions, via the Bush-Cheney Gang, which led the U.S. into the disastrous and costly Iraq War.

One activist  feared the U.S. missile strikes will only trigger more misery for the Syrian people and for more than 1 million refugees – about half of them Christians, who have been residing there in order to escape the horrors of the Iraq War.

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Activist Stephen Roblin
Activist Stephen Roblin