Baby it’s cold outside: Onesie keeps you warm and cozy

Here are a few things that keep me warm and happy during the winter.

My Cat: I love Eponine. She is the light of my life. She keeps me sane, responsible, and warm. Sometimes I feel like Pepe Le Pew because I smother her with love. She doesn’t mind though because she smothers me right back.

 Sleep: I can’t seem to get enough sleep.  During winter I want to hibernate in my bed/cave and sleep until spring/summer. I am a January baby but I am not cut out for the cold. If it were up to me it would be 80 degrees every day, which is why even California around this time is still too cold for me. I know I am crazy but you know what they say…Some like it hot… hot like this past Summer on the East Coast.

I wish we could all eat a large Thanksgiving meal and leftovers and then fall into a deep food coma that would allow us to hibernate for the rest of the winter. Imagine how much beauty sleep that would be? I do have to admit that there is something magical and romantic about the snow and Jack Frost nipping at your nose. It’s the dark gloom and rainy days that I find demotivating and uninspiring. However, I do enjoy the excuse to buy new boots and a new jacket to help me keep warm and fashionable at the same time, which is always a challenge We all just need some more vitamin D and some hibernation.

Onesie:  Yup you read me correctly.  They can also be referred to as footed or footie pajamas. I personally can’t get enough of them. I want to be in a onesie all the time.  Being a baby around this time of year is kind of  like hibernating because all they do is sleep and eat and look really cute in their onesies. I want that to be me.  Being in a onesie is the closest thing to feeling like an animal with fleece instead of fur. Unless of course you make a onesie out of fur. Hey, the bunnies and bears keep their natural fur onsies on at all times. Why can’t I do the same?

My favorite onesie.

The onesie is so warm and cozy and practical and functional unlike say a sunggie. You can go about your business in a onesie and stay warm while doing it. So, yes technically they make adult footed pajamas.  However I prefer the children sizes.  If you are a small short female such as myself then you might know that the XXL in the girls section at Target might as well be a small in the woman’s section.

I have 3 XXL onsies that are super fun and girly because they are meant for girls. But why should kids have all the fun? I am still a kid at heart and no one seems to believe me when I tell them my age so why not indulge and invest in some warm practical fun survival style fashion?

I have three and I want more. I want a onesie for every occasion and I want them to be socially acceptable. I want to wear them to work and to the grocery store. You can still wear normal clothes underneath the onesie. This is important to do because some times you get hot and if you are at a party with nothing on underneath things can get awkward.

When I get home from somewhere and I can’t get warm I will just zip a onesie on over everything I am wearing and I warm right up. The onesie keeps the warm with you like wearing a sleeping bag that conforms to your body in a comfy way. This is not to be confused with the snuggie. Those things are less functional and look silly.

My kitty onesie.

I will give you fair warning that if you have a party with out a dress theme and it’s winter and you invite me,  I will most likely show up in a onsie. I learned this from my first onsie adult encounter.

A few years ago some friends/family were in town and forgot to bring something fancy for our New Year’s Eve party. They went shopping for something nice to wear and what  they showed up in later were two adult onsies!

One was pink with a little white bunny on it and bunny heads on the footed part, giving it the illusion of wearing slippers, but they are just part of the onesie experience. The other one was the same format but blue with a sock monkey on it and sock monkey heads on the feet. I thought this was the cutest!

They were asked to wear their best clothing and they were definitely the best dressed at the party. Certainly the most comfortable aside from being a little too hot on the dance floor but if you think about it,  a onesie is like the prom dress or tuxedo of pajamas.

If I was going to a pajama party I would bring my onesie not  sweat pants and a t-shirt. I want to dress to impress and the onsie is a pretty impressive and provides comfort and joy for all. It can be a good ice breaker/conversation piece.

I went out and bought the sock monkey onesie the very next day, I wanted the bunny one as well but the only size left in that one was an XXL for adults. The sock monkey one was in a large size, but it’s still giant on me. I was addicted. I wanted more then one  because how am I supposed to function with wearing the same one all the time?  That’s when I found the girl’s onesies and bought three of them.

They were cheaper and fit perfectly. My favorite is the multiple-colored print one. It doesn’t have a little picture on it so I feel like it is for every occasion. I also got one with a kitty on it. So I took a picture of it with my brother’s little kitten that looks like my cat. The third one has a cup cake on it so I call it my birthday PJs.

So if you don’t have a onesie,  I  suggest you go out there and get at least one. It will change your winter. It will make everyday warm and cozy.

“All you need is Love?” Sorry John, Paul, George, and Ringo, all you really need is a onesie or three of them!