Award-winning actor Matthew Sauvé to write and star in his own feature film

Looking at Matthew, an influential and critically acclaimed personality remembered as ‘Travis’ from One Night Stand, one could infer that Matthew Sauvé is just a big Hollywood star. But this Canadian actor, director, screenwriter, and coach has something bigger in mind.

“Since I have already proven myself as an actor, it’s now time to prove myself as a director and screenwriter. I don’t want to restrict myself to acting, I want to be someone who has his hands in everything and overlooks all aspects of his projects,” Matthew said. With this, Matthew has announced that he has a project in the works that has been written by him and features him in the lead.

Matthew’s first step on that journey toward being a versatile superpower began with Age of the Samurai, an upcoming Netflix series in which Matthew was a director for a 2-day casting session. Besides, Matthew not only played the lead character in One Night Stand, but also co-produced the film. He adds, “It’s often said, ‘Do what you know.’ But I attempted to do what I didn’t know because I felt that was more interesting.”

A lover of Arts, Matthew Sauvé got into a profession he wasn’t closely passionate about. But after 12 long years of having a career in a field he didn’t enjoy, he finally gathered the courage to follow his dream of pursuing his craft. Talking about how acting happened for him, he says, “After a long career in policing, I could no longer resist the quiet voice inside of me calling me to my vocation. I simply had to follow my heart. So, I left policing altogether to become an actor!”

Since Matthew took a leap into a new zone as an actor, he tried his hand at modeling and stand-up comedy as well. Today, he is remembered for his standup comedy performances, having opened 5 Canadian stand-up comedy shows for SNL Alumni, Tim Meadows. As a part of his modeling stint, Matthew was the face of North America’s largest travel airline Sunwing Vacations from 2017 to 2019.

Some would believe that Matthew Sauvé has accomplished a great deal in his 5-year acting career, but he is hungry to do so much more. Matthew says, “For 12 long years, I worked in a field that brought me no satisfaction. Now that I’ve finally made the switch to something I enjoy, I want to make the most of it. I want to experiment with different forms of art. I may not succeed at all of them, but I will keep trying until my last breath. After all, life gave me a second chance. I plan to give it my all.”

With new projects and roles lined up in his kitty, Sauvé isn’t resting. He has been shooting relentlessly and is hoping to write another script in the near future. He not only exhibits talent in front of the camera, but behind it as well, and it would be great to see him write, direct, and produce more films.