Average Argument

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I’m tired.. I wanna go to sleep
But here you come with this nonsense
I told you I’m tired, dammit.. so why do you keep
Coming to me with this nonsense?

If I sit here and argue with you
We both know how this is gonna end
But if I try and walk away from you
You’ll just say some things to offend

I try to plead with you about it
“Can’t this wait until tomorrow?”
You give me that look like, “I doubt it”
Another long night filled with sorrow

Maybe if I just go along with her
Let her talk, maybe she’ll just stop eventually
Because I have no words to offer
I guess this is how it’s meant to be

Blowin’ shit out of proportion as usual
But that’s just my point of view
This conversation has gone way past the point of casual
What the hell am I supposed to do?

I say “I just wish you’d shut the hell up”
You say “Who do you think you’re talking to?”
My pride won’t let me take that back ’cause I’m fed up
But I guess you’re just fed up too

You say “Tell me what you wanna do?”
I already told you I wanna go to sleep
You then say “You just don’t understand me do you?”
And then say “Talk is cheap”

Exactly so just let me sleep
I can apologize ’til I’m blue in the face
But you’re mind is already made up
Maybe I should just give you some space

Go in the living room and post up
There you go talking about I’m running away
“Where the hell am I going?”
“Fuck it… you tell me what you want me to do?”

Since you seem to be the only one that’s knowing
I can’t win for losing so I’m just gonna give in
Of course that’s just not enough
You can’t even let up when you win

Damn your ass is rough
“Will you please just let me sleep?”
Not tonight… there’ll be no peace