President Obama slammed for failing to close Guantanamo

More than 100 protesters, dressed in orange prison-issued-like jumpsuits,  marched in a double-file over to the Ellipse, a 52-acres park, located just south of the White House Friday afternoon, demanding Guantanamo Bay detention camp be shut down and President Barrack Obama honor his word. The prison is in its 11th year.

One of the speakers at the event was the investigative journalist, filmmaker and author, Andy Worthington. He is the author of “The Guantanamo Files.”

Worthington underscored that  Obama has failed to keep his promise to close the notorious facility. He said that 86 of the inmates currently held at the prison were “cleared for release,” but are still “indefinitely detained.”

Worthington labeled the situation a “horrible injustice” and urged the American people to put pressure on the President to do his duty and to uphold the rule of law. To learn more about Guantanamo click here.

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One thought on “President Obama slammed for failing to close Guantanamo

  • January 14, 2013 at 7:39 PM

    If Guantanamo is closed,what do they do with the prisoners? Who would represent them? What prison system would they go to? Why should the MidEast be the responsibility of the U.S.?

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