Ask the Roaming Librarian a question; I dare you

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What do you want to know about libraries?

Send me your questions.

For example, some may include:

  •  Can I bring my computer to the library?
  •  How do I use an online catalog?
  •  Can I host the annual meeting of my Wednesday night Sons of Norway & Surrounding Scandinavian Regions focus group?

Or, perhaps you wax more curious:

  • Who lets those clamorous teenagers into the library to prowl the stacks like wild iPhone-using, gum-popping animals?
  • When is the weekly event where the librarians open their hidden drawers of stashed tax dollars to toss into the air in a frenzied, monetary shower of glee?
  •  Is it next to the drawer where they hoard the fines?
  •  Who sets the fines?
  • How do I get my $60 fine from an unreturned season of Bad Girls Club erased?

I can’t pay that!

Well, all right, calm down!  Forget about the fine for now (since the real question anyway is why your library lends any season of Bad Girls Club….but hey, it’s not my acquisition budget), but seriously, send me your Q’s.  If I don’t have the answer, I will troll the network of the several librarians I know to get you your information!

That’s what we librarians call reference.

Hit me up.