Artificial Intelligence Making Ripples In How Correctional Facilities In The US Operate – Myth or True?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

With scientific development picking up pace in recent years, it is no surprise to see how quickly Artificial Intelligence is taking over some of our most important tasks. While the list of advantages of AI knows no boundary, one interesting application has been its use in correctional facilities and legal systems. 

Are you caught wondering what possible AI could achieve when it comes to inmate rehabilitation? Well, here is a simple example!

Artificial intelligence is being extensively used to analyze large volumes of data concerned with where a particular inmate is as well as make behavioral predictions of an individual and groups. 

This means that it can help point out if any of the prisoners is prone to  violence or self-harm. If there is any individual that exhibits such traits, the correctional facilities can then take due action on time to either separate him or her from other inmates or place him under proper surveillance. 

Besides that, as we mentioned before, AI systems have a fruitful application in determining where inmates are currently. It can save a lot of time as compared to manually going through the list. If a prisoner happens to be in a Newport news city jail inmate search in Virginia, the AI system would be able to detect and give you the results within seconds. 

Other than that, here’s a list of possible applications of artificial intelligence in correctional facilities that the authorities are in the phase of implementing. 

  • Point out problematic behavior of inmates. 
  • Enable staff to manage different inmates appropriately keeping in view their habits and needs. 
  • Present insight into years of data within seconds. 

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Improve Security Systems In Jail?

The uses that we talked about above are not it. Another important application of AI that is achievable and is under way is to generate information in real-time and help in scenarios like safety and surveillance within correctional facilities. Cameras are already installed in most jails around the US that can be used to feed data into AI-enabled softwares so the authorities have a better lookout for any suspicious. The same technology can be used in public places to make it easier to track crimes, violent activities, and more. 

An interesting thing when it comes to AI is that it has the potential to improve over time. This improvement has been built into its core code which means that there is no human intervention required for AI software to learn, adapt, and become more efficient as the time passes. This can eventually result in AI solutions being adopted by various businesses and similar organizations. There is no doubt that AI chatbots and enhanced websites can help improve customer experience, register complaints, provide updates, cater to queries and manage everything automatically without the need of hiring staff for all such activities. Although, currently, the system is better operated in conjunction with human workers, the time is not far that the machines would be able to fulfill the roles without any additional help!