Top 5 Ways PEMF Mats Help Heal Your Body

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Most body illnesses occur due to an electrical imbalance in the body. Correcting the imbalance is one significant way of reducing the possibility of diseases. It is a well-researched technique. Pulsed electromagnetic field or the ‘Healing energy’ you can call it; comes from a device or mat that emits body-friendly frequencies to stimulate cell repair. It is not a cure but an approach to increase the body’s energy level to help maintain its homeostasis. Here are the top 5 ways PEMF mats heal your body. 

1. PEMF Mats Improve Electrical Conductivity

Some treatments like acupuncture are popular for biological actions on the body. The idea is certain body points are susceptible to electromagnetic stimulation. The energy flow on the energy paths results in smooth electrical conductivity. Electromagnetic mats work on a similar pattern. A whole-body system improves the stream of charge and clears out any obstacles. In addition, the therapy works at a deeper level than acupuncture without the use of needles. 

2. PEMF Mats for Energy Production

 The regular use of PEMF mats ensures improved energy production. First, by breaking down ATP to ADP to get energy. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is a molecule that extracts chemical energy from food to fuel cellular processes. ATP-ase plays the role of catalyst in this process. And the pulsed waves help the catalyst to boost energy production. Secondly, the stimulation improves the synthesis of ATP in mitochondria. The improved circulation maintains a steady supply of glucose and oxygen. The result is an increased energy level. Your body uses the energy to carry out crucial activities such as movement, growth, reproduction, responsiveness, respiration, digestion, circulation, and many other functions.

3. The Devices Improve Circulation

The phenomenon of circulation involves three important components:

  • Vasodilation (Increase in nitric oxide production)
  • Improving blood quality
  • Reducing blood viscosity

Improving circulation is the most fundamental mechanism of the PEMF healing effects.

Oxygenation is the major outcome of microcirculation. Whole-body systems increase the oxygen level in cells and facilitate the function of the lungs.

4. PEMF Mats for Pain Management

PEMF mats are highly effective for pain of any kind; acute, chronic, inflammatory, musculoskeletal. The device blocks the pain signals and treats the underlying root causes of pain. It does so in three ways. One way is it increases the endorphins and serotonin production. Secondly, it interrupts the pain signaling. Thirdly, it heals the tissues that arouse the sensation of pain. Your body responds to pain through edema, necrosis, reduced circulation, decreased cellular metabolism, and impaired cellular repair. PEMF works in the opposite direction by improving circulation, enhancing cellular metabolism, reversing swelling, and triggering cellular regeneration.

5. PEMF Mats for Mental Wellness

Mental health is equally important for your physical fitness. Anxiety, stress, and depression are secret enemies of your body. The devices help deal with these issues in multiple ways:

  • The therapy reduces the brain response to stress by inducing relaxation
  • It acts on the nervous and endocrine systems for improving their functional state
  • It maintains your heart rate and blood pressure to make your body comparatively less responsive to stress hormones
  • These mats help the body to eliminate the neurotransmitters produced by stressful fight or flight reactions

Sleep imbalances result in a disturbed state of mind. The radiations with low frequencies induce a relaxing and calming impact for improving sleep quality. Are you in trouble due to lack of sleep? Visit healthyline outlet to get your perfect gadget for a sound sleep.


PEMF mats are the most convenient and effortless treatment devices. Simply, you lay down on your mat to allow radiations to penetrate your body to treat the reasons for illness. Furthermore, the mats are effective both for treating targeted areas and overall body wellness.

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