Arizer Argo Vs Air 2 – Which one is for You?

Arizer – Hewn from the same landscape that brought us the majestic Rockies, the vast territories, and the ultimate food of the Gods, poutine, Canada-land is known the world over for its rugged beauty and hearty stock, and Arizer stays unwaveringly true to this sentiment.

Durability, sustainability, and friendly ease of use have made Arizer an apt Canadian figurehead in the vaping world. And in true Canadian fashion, Arizer makes such consistently excellent products that we can’t possibly have a true ‘battle’ of the vapes here. Instead, let’s peacefully consider the excellent features of both the Arizer Argo and Arizer Air 2, to help you decide which one is best for you. As we know, there are no winners or losers in Canada, just hosers who need to grab a double-double and relax.

Arizer Argo: What Makes it Great?

Canadians love a bit of subtlety, sure, but any true Canadian really appreciates when you tell it to them straight, and the Argo does just that. As the name tells us, the Argo was meant for portability, for taking with you on the go – from hockey practice to ice fishing and everything in between. The Argo is a product full of innovation and clever design, compact to the extreme but durable enough to be dropped off the Calgary tower and survive (I haven’t personally tested this). So without further ado, the Argo features the following clever elements:

  • 50mm wide, 88mm tall and 25mm broad, so when we say compact, we mean it

  • Push-top glass mouthpiece protection

  • Rechargeable and interchangeable high-capacity 18650 battery

  • Usable while charging via micro USB connection

  • Display screen indicating battery life and temperature settings

  • Temperature range from 122 degrees Fahrenheit to 428 degrees Fahrenheit

  • The upper section is made of anodized aluminum while the lower is made from high grade, heat resistant plastic

The top section of the Argo is not hinged and is telescopic in nature, meaning it can be lifted along the body with the help of a small button at the side. The same can be pushed back with a simple press. Once the top is depressed it exposes a glass stem, or draw tube (which makes it pretty darn easy to clean as well).

Using the Argo couldn’t be easier – once the draw tube is exposed, simply remove and load your dry herbs into the bottom of the unit. Push the draw tube back inside the oven chamber and then turn the device on by pressing the M and + button. The heating time for the first draw is under 90 seconds, and ever helpful, it will beep when it’s reached the indicated temperature. The Argo is ideal for anyone who needs a vape that can get to work fast.

The Argo: Ultimate Pros and Cons

So what’s the verdict for the Argo, you might be asking yourself? What features make it better than a box of Timbits, and what’s expendable, like a half-hearted hug?

The Argo: Pros

  • The extendable glass mouthpiece is useful for cooling the vapor before it reaches your mouth

  • The Lithium-Ion battery is easy to exchange

  • The temperature range is excellent and super precise

  • USB charging and the ability to use while charging

  • All glass vapor path for great vapor quality

The Argo: Cons

  • The wide temperature range can cause the unit to become quite hot

  • Its compact size makes for an oven that is a bit on the small side

  • It takes about 200 minutes to fully charge (although this is offset in part by being able to use while charging)

Arizer Air  2: What Makes it Great?

An upgraded version of the Arizer Air, the Air 2 holds onto the great features that the Arizer Air offered in the first place while perfecting those elements that needed a new set of plaid pajamas. While the removable 18650 battery is still there, it can be used for up to 80 minutes of use on a full charge and charges from zero in around 90 minutes. So what other features make the Air 2 fantastic?

  • LED screen that, in true fashion, is friendly enough to say hi when you turn it on

  • Temperature control between 50 degrees Celsius and 220 degrees Celsius with precision and reach the desired temperature in under 90 seconds

  • Excellent vapor quality for its compact size

  • Anodized aluminum outer shell that’s tough and durable

  • 124mm by 29mm in size, making for a super discreet and portable device

  • High quality ceramic heating element

Just like the Argo, the Air 2 is simple to use and perfect for a discreet and portable vaping experience. Simply pack the oven, replace the lid, pick your temperature setting, and allow 70 to 90 seconds for the device to heat up to vaporizing temperatures. That’s really it!

The Air 2: Ultimate Pros and Cons

I’m in no short supply of Canadian references, so what makes the Air 2 as great as Celine Dion and as not great as Anne Murray?

The Air 2: Pros

  • A longer stem gives the vapor a chance to cool

  • Ultra-compact design for discreet vaping

  • Removable batteries for ease of use

  • Custom temperature settings for a unique experience

The Air 2: Cons

  • The glass draw tubes are fragile and can break

  • Not as powerful as some other Arizer vapes

So as you can see, the Air 2 and the Argo both do a darn good job of representing our true North, strong and free. Ultimately, what you end up choosing comes down to personal preference, and the biggest difference between the two does not seem to be about quality, but rather portability, with the Air 2 coming out as slightly more portable. But, in the end, there are no losers here, both the Air 2 and Argo are exceptional, like every other thing that Arizer (and Canada) produces.