All you Need to Know About VPS Hosting

Have you ever wondered how a website can be online and accessible for all the people in the world at the same time?

Or do you ever once find a website that suddenly becomes inaccessible or performs a slow load rate on its performance? Or have you ever seen a scene where there is a tech guy on the techno channel with shelves full of strange things like robots and wires everywhere talking about Bitcoin mining and the latest invention of disk space storage? Well, that is the hosting activity.

Hosting has become more popular nowadays since people are keener on the internet than before. Anything is going online today, starting from the news portal, business, personal blog, and tutorials. This is a natural phenomenon because the generation of the internet has evolved to the fastest one. The device that supports internet-using activity is also developed with the newest invention in the technical aspects. On the hosting move, several types of servers are applied to make the hosting practice easier, starting from colocation, cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, and dedicated hosting. This article will talk a lot about the specific hosting server named VPS (Virtual Private Server). To be more detailed, you will get information about VPS (Virtual Private Server), the benefits from the VPS (Virtual Private Server), and also some info else related to VPS (Virtual Private Server). Let’s get started on the topic below.

All You Need To Know About VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and on this type of hosting server, you will get the private aspects that you cannot find on other hosting servers like cloud hosting and shared hosting. What does it mean? It means that you will get the dedicated resource or the facilities that are only provided for you without sharing it with the other users, even if they are using the VPS server on the same provider as yours. These features help you to get the fastest performance on your website hosting activity and boost the security rate of your digital establishment.

You may ever once heard about VPS on somewhere place out there, but you may not understand what VPS is. Luckily, in this session, you will get the most comprehended information about the VPS (Virtual Private Server). Before we dig further into VPS (Virtual Private Server), you should understand what hosting is because it will help you a lot in absorbing the information about VPS later on in the below part.

Hosting is an activity that has the function of making your website online and visible or reachable by people from different sides of the world at the same time by using the internet as the main medium to access your content. Hosting can be described as the communication between two computers known as your machine and the server’s machine. On a simple illustration of the hosting process, it can be explained as when you want to access some content on a particular website, and your computer will send the request signal to its website’s server machine. The received signal or message will be analyzed further and served by the computer by finding the specific content or files and then sending it back to your computer. All the process requires the internet as the main medium for transferring the data. It can be said that the internet is the main instrument in the delivering and receiving process in hosting the activity.

VPS is working with that method too, but the aspect that differentiates VPS (Virtual Private Server) from the conventional hosting is located at its machine. VPS (Virtual Private Server) is not using the physical machine in its process but using the virtualized computer. Then is there is not a single computer used? No, in the VPS server, computers still have a vital role as the center of the server, which is called the parent server. The parent server is the checkpoint where the VPS will send the dedicated resource to its clients under its management.

Benefits of VPS Hosting Services

When we are talking about what are the advantages or the benefits that we can get from the VPS (Virtual Private Server there are a lot of things that you will get on this hosting server that you will never find on the other hosting server else, like cloud hosting and shared hosting, by renting the VPS (Virtual Private Server), you will get the best performance, better accessibility, and also the best security ever. Earthweb provides legitimate coupons and deals on VPS web hosting, visit now to save more on your next VPS subscription.


VPS (Virtual Private Server) can give you the most stable and fastest performance ever compared with the other hosting servers because VPS (Virtual Private Server) gives you the dedicated resource that can only be accessed by you as the client and not be shared with the other clients even if the rent at the same VPS (Virtual Private Server) provider. The performance will be faster, primarily if you use the SSD VPS server packages because the hardware supports the immediate operation with minimum constraints at the process.


VPS (Virtual Private Server) has an ultimate feature named full-root access. Full root access allows you to manage the software within the server with minimum restrictions. For example, if you want to install, uninstall, and replace software, you can do it immediately without waiting for permission from the VPS service provider. You can also change the operating system that you want on your VPS server. All you have to do is decide between the Linux operating system or Windows operating system to place on your VPS server.


The security aspect of VPS (Virtual Private Server) is undoubted because you own the space in the digital environment with fully dedicated resources only for you. That feature can minimize the chance to be attacked because each resource is not concentrated on a single space. Plus, if you choose the managed VPS (Virtual Private Server), the provider will secure your server 24/7.

Drawbacks of VPS Hosting

Choosing the VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the best way for your hosting activity because it gives you the best performance, security, and access to your server compared with the cloud server and shared hosting. The price offered by VPS (Virtual Private Server) is also more affordable than the dedicated server. It is all up to you to choose which VPS server you need for your website hosting activity.