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All about Alfred Hitchcock

This review is all about Alfred Hitchcock, or at least two of his movies.

We’ll be going backward from 2012 to 1946.  So let’s begin with the new film about the relationship between Hollywood director Hitchcock and his wife and collaborator, Alma.  The film is Hitchcock and one should keep in mind this is not a documentary.  Meaning the filmmakers have taken liberties with actual events and facts.  It is set during the time Hitch, as he was known, was looking for a new project and settled on Psycho.  The year is 1959.

The two leads are the always reliable Anthony Hopkins and the also reliable Helen Mirren.  The relationship was shown to be stormy at times, especially given Hitchcock’s propensity to hire beautiful blond actresses.  The list would include Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak and Janet Lee.  In this film Janet Lee is played by Scarlett Johannson.

For the role of the famous director, Hopkins either really did gain weight or is wearing a body suit.  I hope it’s the latter, because that was a lot of weight to gain.  He also sat through hours of make-up.  Hopkins spent time trying to perfect Hitch’s voice and he did an adequate job.

Reviews have not been overly kind to the film.  I do believe it was released in other cities before arriving in Baltimore theatres.  The box office has been weak and I’m afraid it will continue be.  Mainly I think because the average age of today’s avid movie goer is about 20.  These kids probably have no idea who Alfred Hitchcock was.  Rated PG-13.

Back to 1946 we go to the Hitchcock directed film Notorious.  Believe it or not when I recently saw it, it was my first viewing of the film.  How I missed it all these years I don’t know.   The two leads are a directors dream, Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman.  Also in the cast is Claude Rains.

This can be described as a love story, a spy adventure and a mystery all set in a foreign country, South America.

Bergman’s ex-husband had Nazi friends so when he was killed it was determined she should try to find out what they were up to.  So now we add international intrigue.   Putting herself in grave danger, mainly because she has fallen in love with Grant, she does discover their secret.  This takes us to the dramatic conclusion.  Incidentally, three endings were filmed.  Notorious is one of Hitchcock’s better films.

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