Ali Rashid Finds Success as a Motivational Athlete and Content Creator

Even if you haven’t met Ali Rashid in person, you know him.

You get a thorough understanding of the multi-talented Ali Rashid through his engaging content across his social media platforms.

He’s gregarious, entertaining, and informative, on everything from sports and cars to personal fitness and living life to the fullest.

It’s not just the tips he conveys as a motivational athlete that sets his content apart. And it’s not the photos of his luxury car collection that keeps people wanting more. It’s Ali Rashid himself. It’s his personality and affability that sets him apart.

Next-Level Content Creation

In the vast social media landscape, content is king.

People yearn for fresh, unexpected videos and photos — and want a one-of-a-kind personality to be behind the posts. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but Ali Rashid makes creating successful content look easy.

What you get from Ali Rashid online is him in full. On YouTube, he brands himself as a motivational athlete and backs the claim, with posts ranging from Mike Tyson’s boxing drills to those showcasing his best weightlifting attempts so far in 2021. That content has garnered 14,000 subscribers, with over 2.8 million video views.

Over on TikTok, Ali Rashid works similar magic. His 161,000 followers follow his quick-hit content on not just his own fitness journey but on popular sports figures and news. Boxing content is heavy here, from Ali Rashid’s “rocking the heavy bag” to showcases of champions like Tyson, Muhammed Ali, and Canelo Alvarez.

And when you head over to Rashid’s Instagram, the content keeps coming hard. His 121,000 followers soak up images of his workout routines and meeting fellow motivational athletes. You feel invested in Ali Rashid because you connect with him immediately. You want him to succeed — and can’t wait to see what happens next.

Mr. Motivational Athlete

It’s common to see athletes on social media. From high-schoolers to popular pros — they’re everywhere. You can easily find behind-the-scenes videos from big games or gym routines or that awesome play that demands to be watched again and again.

What’s special is finding an amateur athlete willing to be honest and open and extend tips to all. That’s Ali Rashid.

You find that attitude across Ali Rashid’s platforms. And it’s done in the spirit of showing off or bragging. It’s relatable, fun, and unique content. That spirit always shines through.

With Ali Rashid’s athletic videos, even a showcase of Tyson-inspired boxing drills with a heavy bag seems doable — or at least try-able.

It’s motivational and exciting to see Ali Rashid return to his favorite gym post-lockdown to get back on his game or see him accomplish 30 wide grip pullups every day for 10 days.

It’s the kind of stuff you may have never thought you should try until you see Ali Rashid do it.

Rashid is also big on showcasing his own fitness transformations.

One of his most popular videos showcases a 35-day before and after look at his muscle gain and body fat loss. Another is a 225-lb bench challenge and a 70kg/50 rep challenge. You’re there for it.

Content That Engages

Mixed in with his highly motivational athletic content, Rashid mixes in looks that paint a complete picture of who he is and who he works to be.

For five years he has been posting popular photos and videos on his beyond-amazing collection of customized luxury cars, including his new BMW X3 M40i, his Audi S3 and S5, and a Mercedes E43.

But he isn’t just sharing his prized possessions. His car content is informative, from posts on car reviews to how-to customization features. The franchise director of Speedy’s Wheels and Tyres, Rashid clearly knows cars — but he also knows what people want to see related to cars.

The same spirit goes into his sports-related content. He doesn’t just give his opinion about sports and athletes.

Many of his videos offer great looks at live MMA and boxing matches and interviews with some of the biggest names in those sports. But in the end, he’s a sports fan talking to other sports fans — and there’s power in that simple content message.

Motivation to Succeed

Ali Rashid knows how grueling maintaining a fitness regimen can be. He’s been there, and despite his weight loss, he makes it clear he has to work hard every day just like his followers.

Particularly impactful is Rashid’s yearly video series on how he keeps fit during Ramadan, a Muslim high holy holiday focused on fasting and reflection and the spiritual rewards gained from both.

Ali Rashid takes the opportunity to share his fitness approach during the holiday, including easy-to-integrate tips on home workouts and how to integrate training into people’s own spiritual growth.

It’s that type of content that makes Ali Rashid stand out in the ever-crowded world of social media. He’s unique, he’s motivating, he’s paying it forward.