Alcohol and your skin – What you may not be aware of

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Do you drink only once in a long time but ensure that that specific day compensates for all the other sober days? This may feel right since it is only once that you overindulge but trust me, you are doing more damage to your body and skin than someone who drinks more often but in fewer quantities.

You probably know that once alcohol gets into your system, it may leave you dehydrated for a day. The assumption that lots of water after that will bring your skin back to normal is wrong. This is a misconception which is not true because alcohol does more damage on your skin than you think and that glass of water the next day may not get rid of all the effects of alcohol to your skin. Alcohol withdrawal is a good decision to maintain healthy-looking skin.

What does alcohol do to your skin?


Other than the normal dehydration that you probably know, alcohol causes inflammation in your body and your skin too. Since your skin is the largest organ in your body, it will not be spared by the large consumption of alcohol.


What makes your skin appear dull the morning after enjoying a great night out with your girls? Most people who drink heavily end up too drowsy to drive home. This is because alcohol enables your body to cause norepinephrine hormone that keeps you awake leading to poor night. Lack of enough sleep makes your dull because good sleep goes hand in hand with better skin. You also lack vitamin A after a night of too much vodka thus making you look pale. Combining this with alcohol withdrawal symptoms will make you feel worse to start another day.

Fine lines and wrinkles

You know that as you do everything possible to avoid wrinkles on your face, that extra cup of tequila could be your downfall. Alcohol is associated with reducing the elasticity of your skin making fine lines and wrinkles to appear on your face. Other than that, constant drinking prevents collagen from being produced in the required amounts to give you healthy skin.


As you continue drinking, your skin continues reddening causing your skin tone to become uneven. Puffy cheeks caused by taking too much alcohol is not a desirable effect but often happens if you keep on abusing the drug.

Breaking capillaries

As you enjoy many bottles of vodka on that day that you have decided is your day to spoil, the small blood vessels such as capillaries beneath your face widen giving room for more blood to flow near the surface of your skin. This is the science behind your warm face and redness in case you are the light-skinned type. Your capillaries are gradually breaking making your face feel warmer than normal.


Too much alcohol makes you lack healthy fluids as well as vitamins necessary for flawless skin. This makes your body strain as it tries to replace them with the harmful chemicals from your alcohol. That is why your eyes and face may feel swollen after lots of drinks.

Are all types of alcohol harmful to your skin?

Being an alcoholic, you will find yourself giving excuses trying to justify that not all brands are harmful to your skin. You can relax because to some extent, you got this right. Studies show that red wine prevents inflammation in your skin. It contains antioxidants that protect a rise in blood sugar. This does not mean however that you should take it in excess because even if it does not affect your skin, it might damage your liver in the future.

Hard liquor, on the other hand, comes with harmful molecules referred to as aldehydes. These molecules are responsible for destroying your plasma membrane and interior cells. Other than that, hard liquor comes with high sugar levels that contribute to your weight gain. This part is not what you enjoy.

How can you reverse these effects?


Nutritional supplements such as vitamin c, n-acetylcysteine, omega 3, fatty acids and glutamine will help you get better skin. It is recommended that you take healthy fluids that give you the energy to repair skin damage. Achieve a firm skin by eating healthy foods such as a lot of fruits and vegetables which increase the level of collagen produced by your body. Sagging that makes your skin appear aged will be a thing of the past if you combine these supplements with a healthier diet.


No matter how much you love alcohol, abstaining and starting alcohol detox will help you achieve an even-toned skin. You are bound to suffer alcohol withdrawal symptoms but the more you abstain, the more you reduce anti-aging signs on your skin. With the help of a professional, you will learn how to get rid of the toxins in your body causing your skin to age much faster so that you can break your once in a month overindulgence cycle to prevent further skin damage.


As mentioned earlier, the sugar levels in alcohol add your weight. Engaging in different kinds of exercises boosts how your blood flows in your vessels thus boosting your skin tone. Excessive sweating as you exercise will reduce clogging of your skin pores so that you get smooth healthy skin.


If you have been overindulging in alcohol and can’t stand your face in the mirror, it is time you reverse this effect by taking great care of your skin. Daily use of cleansing tone moisturizer will keep your skin from dehydration. At this stage, you need a moisturized skin because alcohol has drained much moisture from your skin.

Anti-aging products

The more you drink, the wrinkles and fine lines forming on your skin continue increasing causing frustrations of aging faster. Reverse this by choosing healthy anti-aging products that help to repair radical damage on your skin. Creams that contain Vitamin A, Cand retina A will help rejuvenate your skin as you continue withdrawing from the harmful substance.

Final thoughts

Many people think that overdrinking only once then staying sober for another month just to overdo again within a day may not have any effects on your body and skin. On the contrary, that one evening of overindulging makes your liver work twice as hard to get rid of the toxins you are exposing it to. The perception that water alone will protect your skin from the effects of alcohol is also misleading. Achieve healthy skin by reducing and finally getting rid of alcohol for good.

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  • September 9, 2019 at 10:40 AM

    Great article. I know that alcohol primarily affects the central nervous system. That is why the body feels a certain warmth and relaxation. But all this is nothing but a process of intoxication, which means that our organs will soon begin to get rid of the poison in every possible way. After active use of alcoholic beverages, the body is clearly suffering from dehydration. This condition negatively affects primarily the skin, which becomes wrinkled, loses smoothness and freshness. So I do not advise anyone to check this. Live sober!

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