Activism in photos

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Photo Slideshow on Activism from Bill Hughes on Vimeo.

This Photo Slideshow on Activism dates from events going back as far as 2003, up until September, 2016. The central theme is the struggle for Justice on behalf of the vast majority of Americans. Two of its purposes are to honor the members of the activist community for their hard work and to build solidarity. The third is to focus on the important issues they are supporting.

This slideshow covers the waterfront on causes raised, including, but not limited to: Antiwar; Healthcare; the Rights of Labor; Anti-Torture; Closing Gitmo; Flush the TPP and the “Free Trade” Agreements; Saying ‘No” to Fracking; Stop the Pipeline; Israel/Palestine; Anti-Death Penalty; Justice for Burma; Free Chelsea Manning; Marriage Equality; Tax the Greedy 1% Gang; Stand Up to the Wall Street Banksters; Stop Outsourcing & Privatization;The Anti-Drone Campaign; Reforming Municipal Policing; Healing & Peace after the Baltimore Uprising of the Spring, 2015; and, finally, Saving the U.S. Postal Service. It is an agency that has existed prior to the founding of the American Republic.

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