A Serious Motorcycle Accident Leads to Multiple Deaths  

Motorcycles are a great way to experience the open road while feeling the breeze whisk through someone’s hair; however, they can also be dangerous. Recently, a motorcycle accident took place that resulted in multiple deaths. A pickup truck lost control and plowed into a motorcycle club that included multiple veterans of the United States Marines. Five men and two women were killed as a result of blunt force trauma sustained in the motorcycle accident. In addition, three other people suffered injuries that require medical attention.

The pickup truck was hauling a trailer at the time. Right now, the accident is still under investigation; however, it appears that the driver lost control and the motorcyclists were not able to get out of the way of the oncoming truck. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is sending a group to the site of the accident to collect more information. They are going to work with local authorities who are currently conducting their own investigations. The teams are going to work together to figure out what caused this disastrous accident.

The motorcycle group is called the Jarheads Motorcycle Club. The club is a motorcycle enthusiast organization made up of military veterans and their family members. The group is known for being supportive of other military veterans. The group was having a regional meeting not far from where the accident took place.

This motorcycle accident is emblematic of the vulnerability of motorcycle riders. The number of people who ride motorcycles is increasing. According to Glotzer & Leib, “An unfortunate result of having more motorcyclists on the road is there will be more chances for them to be injured in a motorcycle crash.” Some of the most common injuries that people suffer in a motorcycle accident include broken bones, head injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Some of these injuries might even land someone in the hospital. For this reason, it is critical for everyone to know how to stay safe while riding a motorcycle.

First, everyone needs to make sure that they keep their motorcycles up to date on maintenance. While some people might try to save money by skipping routine maintenance, this is an important part of making sure the motorcycle tires are up to date, the oil is working properly, and the brakes function as they should. Next, people should try to avoid riding in bad weather. While poor weather can make it harder to drive any vehicle, this is doubly important for motorcycles. Finally, people should always make sure they know how to operate whatever motorcycle they’re riding. Taking these precautions can help everyone, including those who ride motorcycles, stay safe on the road.