A Plea for Peace

Hi everybody.

The world has gone a little crazy right now. So I thought I would talk a little bit today about peace, and how it really does begin with you.

With me.

With us.

I was bullied, I was beat up – mostly every day of my young life. And I never really retaliated – certainly physically.

It was more name calling and whatnot, but there were days when I was physically attacked.

And I would get angry.

You know, obviously, I was devastated. It affected me in many ways and I still have those memories. But my mom – when I would want to fight back – my mom would say, “Herbie J, don’t be like them. Don’t dirty your hands.”

Obviously, when we see violence against someone, it’s a horrible thing. But violence is not eased With more violence.

Peace must start somewhere.

So I am asking you, in the name of whatever Good God or love that you believe in, to please spread peace. To deal with the atrocities of today in a peaceful manner.

Because nothing, nothing, is ever solved with violence.