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A Golfer’s Checklist

Ever wondered why a golf bag is so big? A golfer not only carries golf clubs, but also carries various other essentials in his golf bag. With various golfing equipment in the market, it is difficult to choose what to buy and what not to buy to achieve the perfect golfing gear.

It is very important to know what to carry for your first golf game. We are here to help pick your golf accessories. If you are looking for the best quality accessories, you have come to the right place.

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What is in a golfer’s bag?

  • White Wooden Tees – You must carry as many white wooden tees as possible in your golf pouch. Although there are various novelty tees out there to help you have more consistency, you must make sure that you have some tried and tested back-up of white wooden golf tees.
  • Golf pencil – Why borrow a pencil when you can carry one? Write your score with your pencil and don’t forget to carry them along with the white golden tees.
  • Golf Towels – You must have a bunch of towels in your golf bag for your sweat and the golf balls. Dark towels are preferable for the balls, but professionals use the white ones since they have a caddy to wash their towel after every round. A dark towel is easy to wash and can keep functioning with the brown streaks on it. You also need towels to keep your grips dry.
  • Peaked Cap – When do you go to a golf game? On a sunny day? A peaked cap helps you to see through the glare and helps you point your perfect shot.
  • Umbrella – Unexpected rain showers are expected when you go out to enjoy yourself. If you want to avoid yourself to be soaking wet, do carry your umbrella with you.
  • Rain Gloves – When the weather is wet, your grip might loosen. Here’s where the rain glove helps. A good rain glove becomes steadier and grippy when it gets wet.
  • Pitch Fork – Save the golf course by keeping a pitch fork in your pocket along with the tees. Every golfer makes a pitch mark to place the ball. A pitch fork is used to repair those. A golf course filled with pitch marks will not look good when you come next time.
  • Marker pen – Did you lose your ball? That is because you don’t have a marker pen. To avoid losing your balls again, mark your balls with a marker pen to identify it when you hit a bad shot.
  • Water bottle – When you play on a sunny day, you get tired and dehydrated. If you don’t want to faint, don’t forget to take your water bottle in your golf bag. You might lose your concentration and the round if you are tired.

Also, carry golf clubs and balls because without them you can’t play. There are other optional accessories like distance measuring devices, pushcarts, and coins if you’d like to carry.


Feature Image by Alejandro Cuadro from Pixabay

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