Trump subtly criticizes McConnell and Ryan for not tying debt ceiling to V.A. reform billBaltimore Post-Examiner

Trump subtly criticizes McConnell and Ryan for not tying debt ceiling to V.A. reform bill

WASHINGTON- President Donald Trump criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) in a series of Thursday morning Tweets for not having included language to raise the debt ceiling in a popular V.A. reform bill the president signed into law Wednesday.

Congress must raise the debt ceiling by mid-October to prevent the federal government from defaulting on its obligations.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in March wrote a letter to Congressional leaders  urging them to expeditiously act to raise the debt ceiling.

The letter was preceded by an announcement by lawmakers that Congress likely would not meet the March 16th statutory deadline.

Mnuchin said in the letter that the Treasury Department would in-turn be forced to suspend the sale of various state and local securities that are backed by the U.S. Treasury.

The national debt is fast approaching $20 trillion with China being the nation’s largest creditor.

Republicans will need assistance from Democratic lawmakers to raise the debt ceiling as members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus are likely to either oppose the initiative or demand massive spending cuts in exchange for their support.

McConnnell, who earlier this month reportedly engaged in a contentious feud with Trump, has said he will nevertheless continue to work with the president to advance the GOP legislative agenda.

Shortly before Trump’s Thursday morning Tweets, McConnell at a Kentucky fair, praised the president for his leadership.

Trump returned the favor by again Tweeting displeasure with McConnell.

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  1. Stephen Moore says:

    Trump takes zero responsibility for working on his promised
    health plan – which Trump never formulized. Thus – to deflect blame – he must
    blame others. That is how Trump “manages”.
    He is MIA in working on the health plan. Trump is entirely focused on shifting blame
    from him. He is not a leader but he is a master blamer. That’s our POTUS. He
    substitutes blaming others for his failure to lead.


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