8 Simple Ways to Make Moving for a New Job Easier on Yourself

Starting a new job is exciting, but if you have to relocate, your first job is to pack and get all your belongings to your new home. It’s not an easy task but with these 8 simple tips, you can make moving to start a new job easier on yourself.

1. Get Organized

The key to an easy move is planning, and it begins with creating a timetable. Decide how long it will take from packing to moving day. Make a schedule and stick to it as closely as possible. Use checklists to stay organized and tick items off as you complete them.

2. Rent a Portable Storage Unit

Frequent movers agree that the easiest way to get all your worldly possessions from Point A to Point B is to rent a portable storage unit. Simply load the container and the company will pick it up and ship it to your new address.

3. Declutter to Reduce Your Load

Before you even begin to make a packing list, go through all your stuff and get rid of as much of it as possible. Donate what you don’t need to a charity or thrift store. Use the portable storage unit you rent to help you sort through things. Donate what you leave behind to a charity or thrift store.

4. Use Good Quality Moving Boxes and Supplies

If you use cheap, flimsy boxes, your valuables may fall out the bottom of them. Get good sturdy ones, and pack heavy items such as books in small boxes. Pack lighter objects (linens, pillow) in larger boxes. Purchase packing supplies like heavy-duty packing tape and bubble wrap.

5. Pack as Early as Possible

One of the most common mistakes people make when moving is waiting until the last minute. As soon as you hear the words “you’re hired,” it’s time to start planning and packing. Start with seasonal items and other things you don’t use often.

6. Pack to Start the New Job

Pack a separate bag or box of essential items you’ll need first. Label the box “Open me first.” Include clothing for the first day or two on the job, items necessary for your job, prescription medications, grooming gear, and any personal items to keep you comfortable.

7. Leave Clothing in Dresser Drawers

It’s much more convenient to leave clothing inside dresser drawers rather than stuffing everything in boxes or suitcases. Secure the drawers shut with moving straps. Likewise, leave hanging clothes on hangers. Group them (pants, shirts, etc.) together and slide garbage bags over them. Now you can use your suitcases for packing toiletries or fragile items.

8. Label Boxes by Room

Going through random boxes will cause lots of stress and disorganization. You’ll save lots of time unpacking by labeling boxes. Some movers opt to label them using a color code system rather than writing the same words over and over. You can do this with colored sticker labels. Store the color code key on your smartphone so you’ll always have it with you.