7 Recruitment Strategies for Hiring the Best Employees

The hiring process is an integral part of running any business. Discover the best recruitment strategy to attract top talent here.

As a business, the success of your operation largely depends on the quality of your employees. They affect everything from the customer experience you provide to the workplace culture you cultivate.

Unfortunately, finding well-suited employees in today’s competitive job market is hard. You need to implement a recruitment strategy that targets the right candidates.

If you’re not having any luck hiring the talent you need, keep reading. We’re going over seven innovative recruitment strategies.

1. Employer Branding

Today, attracting talented employees is all about branding your business. This is a tough thing to do, but something that will pay off with more high-quality candidates.

Employer branding is different than developing a consumer brand. It involves establishing a reputation as an attractive and lucrative business to work for.

The first step in creating an employer brand is identifying your perfect candidates. You’ll then need to determine your Employee Value Proposition, which is why a person would want to work for you.

You can then use this information when writing job ads and promoting yourself via social media. Your marketing team should be in charge of establishing your brand and crafting the right materials to attract top-notch talent.

You may also want to turn to professionals like Executive Recruiting Services to advise you on creating an effective brand.

2. Create an Employee Referral Program

Your employees are great resources for attracting new talent. Develop an employee referral program to harness the power of your current staff.

These programs involve getting your employees to refer people they know. Your job is to offer rewards for every referral that results in a hire.

The type of incentive you offer is all up to you. Prizes like gift cards are always attractive. You can also offer bonuses or paid time off.

The great thing about these programs is they result in high-quality referrals. Current employees are unlikely to recommend someone they don’t feel confident in. This results in lower turnover rates and the ability to find good candidates quickly.

Plus, referral programs are affordable. The small amount your business pays for the incentive is nothing compared to the value of a good employee.

3. Recruit Through Social Media

With millennials now an integral part of the country’s workforce, you must take advantage of social media. This channel is perfect for seeking out potential candidates and interacting with them.

LinkedIn is an important site to target when seeking out new recruits. You can search for candidates who have the exact skills you’re looking for and get in touch with them directly.

Advertising open positions on other sites like Facebook and Instagram is a great way to create a buzz. This approach is effective because people tend to share ads and updates with friends they feel would benefit.

When posting ads to social media, make sure they’re crafted methodically. In fact, this is something your marketing and HR departments should work on together.

4. Recruit from Colleges

Any growing business needs to keep their eye out for up-and-coming talent. There’s no better place for this than colleges.

There are many ways you can connect with soon-to-be graduates. Decide what strategy works best for you and start targeting colleges in and around your city.

Advertising in college newspapers is a great way to make your presence known. You can also sponsor university events to get your name out there.

Many businesses create internship programs. This allows college students the opportunity to get real-world experience. These internships often lead to full-time employees.

Finally, make an effort to participate in college job fairs. These will put you into contact with students preparing to graduate and enter the workforce.

5. Hit up the Niche Boards

The more targeted your candidate search, the better the chance of finding a long-term employee. Focusing on niche job boards is a great way to target certain job skills.

Niche job boards contain both job seekers and businesses recruiting for certain positions. For example, a niche board is specific to one industry like web development or graphic design.

The benefit here is you’re not casting a wide net like you are when using a general job site like Monster. When looking for candidates on niche boards, you’re more likely to find job seekers with the skills you require.

Sign up with niche boards so you can tap into their candidate pool. You can also post job openings on these boards and get qualified applicants.

6. Don’t Ignore Passive Candidates

If you want to build the best team possible, you need to consider passive candidates. These are people who currently have a job.

Although these candidates may not be looking for a new job, they possess the skills and experience you’re looking for. There’s no reason not to reach out to them and see if they’re ready for a change.

The great thing about passive candidates is there’s no shortage of them. Current job seekers, however, are typically off the market quickly.

Social media is a good channel for finding and reaching out to passive candidates. You can also pursue them at industry conferences and trade shows.

7. Overhaul Your Interview Process

Your interview process is as much a reflection on you as it is the candidate. If your interviews are full of complications, it’s time for an overhaul.

Many businesses are now using tests as part of the recruitment process. This helps weed out candidates before they move to the next level.

Each interview should involve input from the appropriate department managers. It’s important to ask questions that center on the job role and give the candidate adequate information regarding expectations.

Finally, make sure any candidate you’re considering understands the next steps in the onboarding process.

Find the Recruitment Strategy That Works for You

When it comes to hiring talented employees, what works for one business may be a disaster for another. However, once you find the recruitment strategy that works for you, you’ll start adding invaluable team members to your operation.

Experiment with the strategies discussed and discover what works best.

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