5 Pieces of Must-Have Motorcycle Gear for Bikers

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, but it is also very enjoyable. With proper gear, you can also make it a whole lot safer. Here are a few things you will have to invest in, if you are a regular bike rider:

Motorcycle Helmet

Not all states have a helmet law. So you can still ride your motorcycle with the wind in your hair. But you would be better off wearing a full-face helmet while riding, especially if you want to keep your face and of course your brain. It will also protect you from the bugs that can hit you in your eye or mouth while riding. The modern-day helmets also come with speakers and Bluetooth capability that let you listen to music, answer your phone calls, and even get directions while riding.

Leather Gloves

Riding gloves are a must for you if you are a biker. Not only do they protect your hands against the wind, they also keep you away from breaking bones or losing your fingers. While choosing riding gloves it is better to go for the leather ones with knuckle protectors. If you find them uncomfortable you can get another pair that can keep your hands cool during summer.

Motorcycle Jacket

Not only does a Motorcycle Jacket keep you warm in the cold weather, it makes you look cool, all the time. Motorcycle jackets come in different materials and it is always better to own more than one. A full leather jacket would be good enough for your winter riding months. You can choose a perforated leather jacket for fall and spring. For summers you would need something lighter, may be a jacket made out of ballistic mesh. A jacket might make you sweat a bit, but you will thank yourself for wearing one when it keeps your skin from scraping off during a crash or an accident.

Over-The-Ankle Motorcycle Boots

One more piece of gear that might seem fascinating to you if you are a biker is motorcycle boots. Not only do they look great, they also play a major role in providing you with traction and protecting those small bones of your feet in case you end up in a crash. While shopping for motorcycle footwear you may want to get a sturdy pair that offers over the ankle protection. You can try work boots if you are on a budget. But a full motorcycle boot will be the best since it offers all the protection that you may need while riding.

Motorcycle Pants

If you thought a pair of jeans was good enough for riding, think again. If you ever end up in a crash those jeans aren’t going to take much time to shred into pieces. Jeans are made of cotton and cotton is a weak material. It is leather pants you need to go for, for they can keep your knees absolutely safe.

If you want to work more on your badass look, you can even try wearing a rider ring. Designed exclusively for motorcycle riders, these sterling silver rings come in wide varieties that appeal to almost every kind of rider.

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