5 myths about personal injury cases you must never believe

The risk of people experiencing physical injury because of someone else’s actions has increased significantly in Philadelphia. The frequency of personal lawsuits is growing steadily for the last few years. Unfortunately, due to mistakes, people make in the initial stages of the trial, and due to numerous myths surrounding personal injury law, very few deserving individuals in Philadelphia receive the compensation they deserve.

Here are the top five myths you must NOT  believe if you have sustained injuries on someone else’s property or due to someone’s fault:

  1. You should not file a lawsuit after a minor injury

When you sustain a small injury, you might feel reluctant to contact your Philadelphia injury attorney. However, even minor injuries require imaging tests, blood tests, first aid, treatment, medication, and care. You might also miss classes or work due to pain or the side effects of the medication. As a victim, you have complete right to sue the authority directly or indirectly responsible for your pain and trauma. Always speak with a reliable and experienced legal firm, who can guide you from the beginning.

  1. Personal injury cases are open-and-shut

Even open-and-shut cases typically take a couple of weeks, and most personal injury cases tend to become complicated due to conflicting accounts and the lack of witnesses. Some personal injury cases take years to resolve. Hiring a reliable personal injury attorney in Philadelphia can reduce the duration of the case.

  • You don’t need a lawyer if you have insurance

Insurance companies hardly agree to pay the amount the victim claims. Insurance companies do not guarantee a payday. You need a lawyer irrespective of the policy you have. Even filing for a third-party insurance claim becomes easy when you have the right legal guidance.

  1. There is no deadline. You can relax and get better first

While you should always pay attention to your health, you should also remember that every claim filing has a finite timeline. The timeline for seeking compensation usually varies between states. Talk to a legal expert to find out Philadelphia’s timeline requisites for filing a claim.

  1. The defendant will pay out of his or her pocket

That is something that rarely happens. While you might want them to pay for the trouble they have caused, it is their insurance company that picks up their tab. It is what happens in case of car crashes, truck accidents, and workplace slip and fall injuries. The money the plaintiff receives as compensation comes from the insurance company.

Working with an expert lawyer makes it easy to understand the caveats of the law and the implication of each action. Choosing the right lawyer is the first step toward receiving compensation for your medical bills, lost work hours, and emotional trauma. Always remember to file the claim within the deadline the state of Philadelphia has stipulated for its residents. Crossing the timeline can render your case void.

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