5 Essential things to do for higher engagement on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms with over 800 million active users. People use Instagram for various reasons but specifically crave for likes, comments, and followers.

Engagement in Instagram or any other social media platform involves the measure of your followers’ loyalty to you. What matters most is their degree of involvement in your brands content. The measure of their interest in your stories, videos, and photos is what actually counts towards marketing success.

But how can you achieve a higher engagement on Instagram?


  1. Regular Visual Content Posting

Instagram is popular because it is all about visual content. Most people are visually oriented, and surprisingly, 90% of the information transmitted in our brain is visual. Images cause emotions as well as grabbing attention, and your followers can spend many hours scrolling their Instagram feeds.

How does this help you? Well, regular posting of visual content attracts your followers’ attention and also boost your engagement rates.

It is, however, wise to know how often you need to post your content since over posting may make your followers think you are spamming whereas missing to publish content will make your followers forget about you.

Regular posting will, therefore, guarantee you engagement from your followers.

  1. Interaction With Your Followers

You crave for high engagement but do you really give your followers what they want?

If you want to make it big on Instagram, then you must avoid the one-way direction approach and give your followers some likes and comments too.

Replying to your followers’ comments makes them feel special. This assures them that you are listening to them and you care genuinely about their comments thus inclining them to stay loyal to you and also interact with your account regularly.

You have heard of the boomerang effect, right? Your actions speak for themselves. Showing your followers that you are interested in their comments; makes them more interested in your content.

  1. Follow And Analyze Your Audience

Is your profile personal or business? It is advisable that you change your Instagram profile to a business profile since it gives you an opportunity to view more insights, and hence you get to know your followers better.

With knowledge about your followers, you will be in a position to access valuable data to understand what they may need when they are online. Chances of interacting with more followers increase when you reach more and more followers.

Therefore, to boost your engagement, use Instagram insights daily to get all the information you need about your followers.

  1. Give Instagram Stories A Try

Instagram users crave originality and, therefore, to build trust and loyalty, it is essential to show behind the scenes moments.

Have you given Instagram stories a chance? It is high time to think about it.  These stories disappear after 24 hours; hence most of your followers will watch it more often to avoid missing any vital information.

Being creative and making most out of your Instagram stories is an assurance to higher engagement.

  1. Keeping An Eye On Trends

Having an Instagram account does not guarantee you, new followers. You, therefore, need to find a way to make them interested in your account and watching out on trends is the perfect way to understand the type of content you need to post to grab their attention.

Surprisingly, keeping up with trends is one of the highest potentials to boost your engagement. How do you increase engagement? Here is the best guide I can find on this. Check it out.




Not all Instagram users retain their new or old followers. In fact, if you are like me, you will end up unfollowing somebody if they do not respond to your comments or answer your questions, right? So, take note of this one thing; engagement with your Instagram followers is as crucial as the posts you make daily expecting them to read and comment.

Also, don’t just start engaging your follower and stopping it at that, each day strive to take your engagement level with your readers to a new level.

Apply all of these five essential things I have discussed in this article to achieve this.