5 Benefits of a Branded Marquee for Your Sports Club

Image by Keith Johnston from Pixabay 

Events and competitions provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your sports club and attract the attention of sponsors, the media, and new supporters. Are you looking for cost-effective ways to take your club’s promotional activity to the next level? Or do you just want to ensure that your club will make a great impression off the field as well as on it? Here are just five of the great benefits that investing in a branded marquee will bring you.

Table of Contents

  1. Benefit 1: A Home Base

1.1 Let your branded marquee be the hub for all

1.2 Promote your club and grow your following

1.3 Impress your audience

  1. Benefit 2: Unmissable Branding

2.1 Say it loud and say it proud

2.2 Think differently

  1. Benefit 3: Added Value for Sponsors

3.1 Make a win-win deal

  1. Benefit 4: Stay Cool and Comfortable

4.1 Dealing with the downpour

  1. Benefit 5: Easy to Use!

5.1 Will it stand the test of time?


Benefit 1: A Home Base

What do all successful sports clubs have in common? Relying on the goodwill and enthusiasm of their loyal supporters, they start by building a sense of belonging—a community. They define their identity and let people know who they are and what their values are. A branded marquee is one of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve these aims.

  • Let Your Branded Marquee be the Hub for All

No matter how far you travel to matches and competitions, you’ll be taking your easily identifiable ‘home base’ with you! If you’re an organizer, people need to know exactly where to find you if they want more information about the event or about your club. Your branded marquee also becomes the hub for your club members, volunteers, competitors, and sponsors to return to for snacks and refreshment, or just a cool down. It’s a great space to build a sense of community among your team and to help new supporters feel at home.

Image by Josh Dick from Pixabay
  • Promote Your Club and Grow Your Following

Your branded marquee makes sure that your club’s presence is easily visible. Your club stands out clearly from the competition. Face-to-face contact is the easiest way to build great relationships. When people approach your marquee and are attracted by a great design, you can make the most of the opportunity to promote your club and grow your following.

  • Impress Your Audience

There’s another very practical advantage of investing in a marquee as your ‘home base’. When you’re organizing or attending sports events, there’s so much to take with you: spare uniforms, sports bags, first-aid kits, water coolers, promotional items—the list is endless. With plenty of space in your marquee, you’ll be able to get organised. Your belongings can be stored out of sight, yet remain safe and close at hand. Invite visitors to come inside and they’ll be impressed by the professional image you present.

Benefit 2: Unmissable Branding

A printed marquee is one of the most effective ways to promote your club’s identity at sports events. Fortune favours the brave, so brand your club as winners! Make sure that your marquee design is one that blows the competition away by using striking, colourful images. There’s no limit as to what you can print on the roof, valance, and walls of your marquee, so take your creativity to the next level! Professional design teams love a challenge, and they’ll work with you to ensure that your sports club branding makes maximum impact at any event you attend.

  • Say It Loud and Say It Proud

Your branded marquee should be unmissable, whether it’s seen from the front, sides or the back. Printed surfaces can face outwards, as well as inwards, to decorate the interior of the marquee. Your club logo and motto, history, and even attention grabbing full-colour photos can be enlarged and incorporated for impact. You can even use the space to praise and encourage your players with images and messages of support. This isn’t just a great way to motivate them, but it also lets everyone (including your opponents) know who they’re dealing with. Say it loud and say it proud: respect us, because we’re here as winners!

  • Think Differently

While your branded marquee will make a splash at any event, don’t underestimate the ongoing value that its clear marketing messages will continue to add, especially online. Imagine your team posing in front of your branded marquee, with your logo and motto clearly visible in the background. How many times will those photos and videos be shared on social media and websites? You can be sure that your club will continue to be promoted long after the event itself, and to a far wider audience.

Benefit 3: Added Value for Sponsors

Sponsorship provides the life-blood for sports clubs of all sizes. With so many organisations competing for sponsors, you need to make a strong business case. There are many reasons why a company chooses to sponsor a sports club. Maybe they want to show support for local community groups, maybe their brand is linked to your sport, or maybe your supporters are their target market. It could even be a fear of missing out—they want to be seen on the same ‘playing field’ as your other sponsors! Whatever the reason, in order to build a great relationship, you need to show your appreciation and help them gain value from their investment in your club.

  • Make a Win-Win Deal

A branded marquee with ample free advertising space on the roof, valances, and walls is a strong selling point for sponsors. Displaying their images is a great way to thank them publicly and recognise their contribution to your sports club’s success. Your sponsors can be confident that their branding will be prominently displayed wherever and whenever your club attends an event. This can happen not only on the day itself, but afterwards, as their advertising will be shared on social media posts and news articles. Their investment in your sports club will continue to yield mutual benefits over the long term. Make your sponsors happy and everybody wins!

Benefit 4: Stay Cool and Comfortable

In Australia, outdoor sports events often take place under the hot sun, where there’s a risk of sunburn or even sunstroke. With little to no shade, even short matches or games can become uncomfortably hot for players, as well as spectators. A branded marquee provides a shaded space, away from the sun’s burning rays, where you can take a break, cool down, and enjoy some refreshments. Select a cover fabric that offers proven sun protection, such as technishelter.com.au’s ground-breaking NextUV. This has a UPF rating of 50+ and blocks out 99.9% of UVA & UVB rays, so you can be confident that players, volunteers, and supporters can shelter in safely for as long as they need.

  • Dealing with the Downpour

Depending on the season and your location in Australia, it may be that there’s a greater risk of a sudden rain shower interrupting the event. When everyone’s running for cover, let them head straight to your marquee, where they’ll be sure to stay safe and dry until the downpour is over. A popular marquee size of 3m x 3m will easily fit up to 18 people standing, while a 4m x 4m marquee will allow 32 people to shelter. Innovative cover fabrics, such as NextUV, are waterproof to 5000mm. This will ensure that the roof and walls won’t leak or drip, so any items or belongings you are storing will also be protected from water damage.

Benefit 5: Easy to Use!

This all sounds great, but you may be asking: when we travel to different locations, is it practical? How easy is a branded marquee to transport and erect? Short answer: it’s very easy! High-quality marquees are engineered to be sturdy and durable in use, but they also need to be convenient to transport, set up, and stored. For example, a typical 3m x 3m option can be erected and broken down by just 1 or 2 people. Weighing approximately 32kgs, it easily fits into a standard sedan or station wagon. Larger marquees are, of course, heavier and may need 2 or 3 volunteers to carry and set them up. So when deciding which marquee to purchase, it’s important to be realistic about how much help you’ll have at each location.

  • Will It Stand the Test of Time?

Finally, you may be wondering how a branded marquee will perform with continuous use, and under various—and possibly harsh—Australian weather conditions. Will it stand the test of time, so that your investment pays off? High-quality marquees such as Technishelter’s are designed to be durable and perform well for years. Their unique NextUV fabric is abrasion and tear-resistant. It carries a 5-year ‘no significant fade’ guarantee on the roof and a 20-year warranty on the frame, so you don’t need to worry about the need for frequent replacements. They’re so confident that their rust-free aluminum Circulex frames will perform well with almost daily use that they’re guaranteed for up to 20 years. Wherever you go with your sports club, your branded marquee can go with you for years to come, letting the competition know you’re here to stay.

These are only a few of the benefits that investing in a branded marquee will bring—so raise your game by getting your club’s name out there, and reap the rewards!