4 Great Reasons to Work Out Wearing a Weighted Vest

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Now that you are in the habit of exercising at least three times a week, it’s time to think of ways to get more from each workout. One of the simplest ways to boost the benefits is to start wearing a weighted vest for at least some of your routines. Choosing to find the right vest from the Fitness Avenue Store sets you on the path to enjoying quite a few positive results. Here are a few that will help you get in shape a little faster.

Enhance Your Cardio Workout Benefits

There is no doubt that weighted vests can provide a greater challenge for your heart and lungs during many different kinds of exercise. Walking, jogging, or even skipping while jumping rope are some examples most people will cite immediately. They can also come in hand if you are performing squats while holding free weights. That’s because these and other activities increase your heart rate. Wearing a vest gets the rate up faster and helps you build endurance. That improved endurance will spill over to other forms of exercise and in general improve heart health.

Build More Core Strength

A strong core affects your workout in a number of ways. Core strength leads to improved balance since the abdominal muscles are capable of supporting more resistance. Any type of exercise that requires bending or other stress on the middle part of your body will benefit from wearing some sort of additional weight. The weighted vests are the simplest and most manageable way to add that resistance and weight. Since many vests allow you to start with lower amounts of weight and then add to it as you build more endurance, it’s easy to find that sweet spot needed to challenge the muscles without overdoing things.

Burn More Fat

That same resistance that strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps to strengthen the heart also enhances your body’s ability to burn off excess fat. After receiving your vest from the Fitness Avenue Store and putting it to good use for a week or so, you’ll notice that your workouts seem to be having more of an effect on the extra pounds around your middle. As the fat lessens and the muscles begin to respond, you’ll like what you see as well as the way you feel.

Tone Muscle Groups More Efficiently

Wearing weighted vests affect muscle groups other than the abdominals. You’ll also find that they help to tone the chest and upper body. They can also help improve muscle tone in the thighs and lower legs, provided you wear the vest for squats, leg lifts, and similar exercises. It’s hard to think of any area of the body that doesn’t get more of a workout while you are wearing the vest.

Why not give the vest a try? You can find one that’s a perfect fit and comes with the right features by visiting any Fitness Avenue Store today. Wear it during your workouts for a couple of weeks. If you take long walks on the days when you don’t work out, slip on the vest before heading out the door. In less time than you expected, the benefits of putting the vest to good use will begin to materialize.



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