3 Significant Ways to Inject Fresh Lease of Life Into your Dead App

I know you don’t intend to be the next Jack Dorsey of Twitter or the Jon Smith of Whatsapp. But then, you wanted your app do reasonable, if not thriving, business at the app store.

Isn’t it?

However, your hopes got dashed when your app never managed to garner those expected downloads and is on the brink of death?

So, how do you inject a fresh lease of life into a dying app? Here we recommend 3 best ideas that will help you boost your app downloads significantly.

1. Focus on Organic Uplift via Boost Campaigns

Doing a boost campaign for your app could make a world of difference to your app. This will help your app to rank faster in its category and increase its visibility as well, at the app store. This, in turn, will lead to organic uplift. A travel app in Turkey backed by boost campaign increased its organic downloads by almost by 295%.

2. Optimize App Store Page

Nowadays a perfect ASO is very much essential if you want your app to do well in the market. Every single element is crucial, be it your videos, screenshots, or icons. Everything should be tip-top and up to date. Sometimes, you need to change the image to shoot up your app downloads. A developer by the name of Richard Wagstaff doubled his app downloads by merely changing the app’s icon at the app store.

Some must-haves to be accounted for while optimizing your app for the App store page:

Optimize Title & Description:

Optimizing your title and description with the most relevant keywords is one of the best ways to improve your iOS app or Andriod app’s ranking at the app store. Nope! No keyword stuffing, please. And, also explain what your app does in the first three lines of the description itself, plainly and simply.

And, more importantly, follow the App Store and Google Play Store’s guidelines. And remember to keep with App title within the 50 character limit.

Icon, Screenshots, and Video Optimizations:

Keep your visuals simple. They will have a better impact on people over bold and bright visuals. More importantly, the first two screenshots should cover your app’s USP. Further, focus on developing app videos. An app with videos, it has been observed, are downloaded 40% more than app without videos.

Keyword Analysis

This is the most, most crucial part of your ASO operations. Tools like Sensor Tower can come in handy for this purpose. But then, no matter what, make sure to analyze your keywords regularly to get benefit from it. Measure the performance of each keyword and, if possible, take advantage of easy-to-rank keywords for your app. 

Competitor and User Analysis

You need to dissect your competitors’ actions and your users’ thought process. This is where analysis can help you. Granted, you may have done this before. But then, take some pain and do it again with a little more seriousness. The analysis will help you arrive at some significant conclusions which will help you upgrade your app and even come up with a fantastic strategy for your app.

3. Leverage Facebook Ads

Run Facebook ads if you are really serious about boosting app downloads. However, you need to have an in-depth strategy in place.  Start with a $25-to-$50-per day budget and split it among the three different ad sets.

Also, track the progress of the ad with an analytics tool. Plus, install the Facebook SDK in your app to check out different ad designs.

3 ways to use Facebook Ads to boost your App downloads:

Nail down your audience: Is it a working woman? Millennials? Middle-aged dads? Homemakers? Find answers to these questions before you start working on your Facebook ad.

Retarget: Retarget ads at those people who have somewhat shown interest in your app, but are having second thoughts regarding downloading the same. Retargeting will keep your app on their minds, and might as well lead to conversions.

Test, pivot, Repeat: Failures are part and parcel of app campaigns. So, don’t cry over the spilled milk. Try out a new strategy instead and see whether it works?

Wrap up

It’s not that easy to make your app stand out in the crowd. But then, giving up on your app is not an answer to the problems. As you can see from points, there are ways to revive your app and help it rise and shine among millions of other apps.

So, give your app one more chance by merely executing the strategies mentioned above.