3 Key Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

The promise of a new year is just around the corner. But as we draw closer to 2021, we should take the time to reflect on our experience this 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing phenomenon that will be remembered in history books. It’s an event that children of the future will learn about at school.

COVID-19 challenged the world in many ways that we couldn’t have prepared for. Millions of people around the world contracted the disease. Many of them made a full recovery. But many others passed away because of it.

Various industries, such as tourism and retail, took a huge hit from the pandemic. Because people prioritized social distancing, they stopped going to malls and shopping districts. They stopped taking vacations. So millions of other people lost their jobs.

From these experiences, we learned a lot of things. Here are three of them.

The Importance of Insurance

COVID-19 posed a threat to our lives. Just the mere act of going out to buy groceries could put us at the risk of the coronavirus. And this risk made us think about how we secure our lives with insurance.

Contracting COVID-19 is considered a medical emergency. Because of this, we can’t afford to take some time to raise funds and cover the costs of medicine and treatment. And so we’re reminded of how much health insurance could come in handy at a time like this.

Social distancing has become a top priority to slow down the spread of the virus. Because of this, we’re more inclined to use our cars instead of public transportation or even walking. So we’ve grown heavily dependent on our cars. And this, in turn, made us consider the importance of auto insurance.
Some people want to be more in control of their insurance. So they go and talk to a captive insurance lawyer to come up with a plan that’s up to their standards. As such, we really have become more dedicated to securing our lives.

The Importance of Human Connection

Because of social distancing, we lost a vital element to our relationships with other people. And that element is actually spending time together in person. Admittedly, we took advantage of this before the pandemic. We used to go out for dinner and drinks with our friends whenever we wanted to. We used to travel to exciting places with our relatives whenever we all had time together.

But now, we’re discouraged from doing such things to slow down the spread of the virus. We’ve been compensating through video calls and chats. But it’s still not the same spending time together in person. Because of this, we’re reminded of how much we should value human connection. It’s essential during these trying times.

The Importance of Technology

Another effect of social distancing is that we’ve become more reliant on technology. We rely on online shopping to get our basic needs, such as food and toiletries. We rely on laptops and the internet to do our work remotely in our homes’ safe confines. Our kids rely on the internet to attend their online classes and stay on top of their education.

But the pandemic also taught us how other people are being left behind because of the lack of access to technology. It exacerbated the digital divide in education. It caused children from low-income households to be left behind in school. It also caused other people to lose their jobs. Because they don’t have the proper equipment to do remote work, they couldn’t apply for jobs that offer work-from-home setups.

The COVID-19 caused the world to go on a tailspin. But, because of this experience, we did learn some things. We learned about how we can improve our individual lives, our families, and our communities.