2022 Best Identity Governance Software

Identity theft is a considerable worry for any individual or business at a time when technology—and cybercriminals—keep making progress. Any security breach can bring about adverse consequences that typically involve more than monetary losses for a business. Therefore, organizations ought to be watchful and take strong measures against any potential threat.

Such measures typically involve erecting a strong security wall to defend individual information such as passwords, government-backed retirement numbers, names, Visas, telephone numbers, and addresses. Other aspects concern overseeing clients, their qualifications, entitlements, and access inside an association. While providing employees or clients with secure access within a company can be a daunting task, Identity and Access Management (IAM)  software such as the tools offered by Tools4ever can protect companies against identity theft.

Here are some of the best Identity Governance Software we have come across:


Ondato is a cloud-based program made with financial institutions in mind. It includes user authentication and makes onboarding new users a breeze thanks to its comprehensive approach and clear connection points. Additionally, it offers exceptional Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering modules that can protect your business with minimal effort.

Microsoft Identity Manager

Formerly known as Forefront Identity Manager, Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) is a server-based platform intended to smooth out the administration of clients, strategies, certifications, and access management inside an organization.

Moreover, Microsoft Identity Manager follows users throughout their lifecycles and manages access to the organization’s resources. Unlike its previous incarnation, MIM adds a crossover experience by handling identities and user provisioning as part of the work process.

Oracle Identity Management

Oracle Identity Management is an identity management tool that can manage common tasks and user access when enabling/deactivating user accounts inside associations. Access is automatic and personalized for individual groups. The tool permits users to handle the entire access process themselves, thus increasing speed and efficiency. It follows users throughout their entire lifecycle and manages their logins along with their assets and related responsibilities.

Okta Identity Management

A famous identity management instrument, Okta Identity Management is particularly known for its usability and user-friendliness. It can automatically recall passwords so that users don’t need to type them repeatedly once they sign in. It can also log users into various locales, thus letting users log in from anywhere just once.

Zoho Vault

A robust identity management solution, Zoho Vault offers organizations a simple-to-use user dashboard. Thanks to this, users can effectively create and manage their passwords from anywhere and on any device.


While all organizations need to save their data from theft, they differ greatly in size, scope, and demands. Whichever Best Identity Governance Software you use, make sure it fits the needs of your particular organization.