20 Excellent Tips to Find an Office Space Which is Cost Effective, Inspiring and Ideal for Your Business

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Have you been given the task to look for a new office space? This at the first go may appear like a challenging and daunting task. With different options to consider and multiple people to please, you may be in a fix where to get started. Below are some pointers that will help you in finding a commercial space that is cost-effective, inspiring and ideal for your business.

Tips to Consider:

1. Location-Though you may have identified a space for your office in the dream area, the truth is location is not only about the neighborhood. Here there is much more to consider. You need to consider the other factors which can make your office a living nightmare or a success.

2. Public Transport-This is another vital factor that you need to consider. Is there proper public transport available to reach the office? Also, check the frequency.

3. Planned Closures-Tubes, rail, and road, may be subjected to closures, and these are likely to affect your visitors and staffs alike when they travel to your office. Ensure to check if there are any planned long-term closures. Rail stations and tube can remain closed for some years should there be plans for major upgrades. Prior to signing check this for sure.

4. The Impact of Commutes on Employees-A journey that is stressful or long can put workers in a very bad mood prior to reaching the office. So, it is crucial to take into consideration the journey to the office when it comes to your staff. Should you plan to relocate to another area, always consider the impact of the commute on the employees.

5. Traffic Patterns-Your visitors and staffs will drive to your office so check the local traffic patterns. Which are the busiest times? Is this going to affect the travel to the office? Check if the location that is proposed is in a congested area? For best results go for a test drive during the rush hour both to as well as from the office.

6. Reputation/Image of the Area-It is the local area’s reputation or image that can create a noteworthy impact in the manner in which the prospective clients will see your business. The visitors and staff will feel safer to visit your office when that area holds a good reputation.

7. Local Labor Market-Should you plan to relocate to an altogether new area you should take into consideration the area’s local labor market particularly if you do not stay next to a big city.

8. Neighbors-Check the prospective neighbors, both in as well as out of the office building. Consider are they competitors? Will they cause any problems? The round the clock call center must be cautious for instance regarding the nightclub that is next door. Also, a check is the workspace adjacent to a residential area? In fact, you have to take this into consideration while performing the work and the local authority is likely to insist on the noise test report.

9. Competition-Check the competitor’s location, are they adjacent? Should this create issues? Is it situated in an area which has a worse or better reputation?

10. Clients-Staffs may require visiting the office of the client regularly and vice versa. Thus, you may need to take this into consideration while looking for new office space. Should it be far away from the target market the sales team will spend higher time especially on the road rather than with clients?

11. Couriers-Akin to a local taxi company, the adjacent courier companies will be a consideration too particularly while searching for a workspace that is outside the city.

12. Taxis-Should your business needs visitors or staffs to travel both to as well as from the office regularly, it is vital for you to consider the availability and quality of the local taxi companies.

13. Security of Neighborhood-The workers will spend about 8 hours daily in the workplace thus having a neighborhood that is safe and secure must be a priority. Check the route that the staff will require for traveling to and from the local transport particularly while traveling on

14. Client Entertainment-What are the forms of entertainment present nearby? Should you require in designing client hosting areas within your new space?

15. Immediacy to Emergency Services-Of course, you do not even want to think regarding any serious accidents in the office, yet it is quite probable that you may require informing the emergency services. Consider which are the nearest police station, fire station, and hospital to your office.

16. Transport to Airports-The fact is, do you or the clients possess a global presence? Will your staff require traveling for business abroad? Locating far away from the airport will cause hassle to the staff and also waste precious time.

17. Food-Check the local area thoroughly. Is there a sufficient place to eat? During the lunch break, how far will your staff require to travel? Is there an ideal place both for take away and dining in?

18. Local Amenities-When people are in the workplace, life will carry on. The workers will have different errands to run during lunch or after work. Look for a workplace adjacent to the shopping area, pharmacy, and bank, and your workers cannot thank you enough.

19. Construction-Check whether there is any planned or current construction nearby. Along with being unsightly, it can also result in air and noise pollution. Major work will change a beautiful sight into an eyesore.

20. Hotels-Should visitors require staying overnight? See how adjacent the closest hotel is from the office as well as the probable travel time.

It is the ideal office space which can break or make a business. Getting the right space matters as the business will require living with it. Get this right to have staffs that are productive and happy, get this wrong; it will waste money, cause aggravation and slow people down. So, choose wisely.