17 Resources for Veterans in Baltimore

Baltimore has a deep history in celebrating and appreciating the men and women who have served our country.  There are a variety of organizations offering a wide range of services throughout the city.  So, no matter where the veteran is in his or her journey, there are people ready and willing to lend a hand to help them succeed.  If you are a veteran, or love someone who is a veteran, here are some of the key organizations to keep in your contact list.

U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Baltimore Regional Office, & Washington.  The Department of Veterans Affairs, aka the VA, is the main institution for veterans’ benefits.  They provide health care, disability payments, TDIU benefits, pensions, GI Bill scholarships, home loans, life insurance, vocational assistance, and more. 31 Hopkins Plaza, 810 Vermont Ave NW, Baltimore, MD.  800-827-1000.

Baltimore Vet Center. This center is run by the VA.  They specialize in counseling and psychological help in a non-medical setting.  If you or a veteran you know needs help with depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), military sexual trauma (MST), or other issues, the Baltimore Vet Center can help.  1777 Reisterstown Road, Suite 199, Baltimore, MD.  410-764-9400.

Baltimore Station.  Baltimore Station works with veterans who are homeless and struggling with self-sufficiency.  They have a therapeutic residential program as well as an outpatient treatment program.  140 W West St, Baltimore, MD.  410-752-4454.

American Legion.  There are many American Legion posts in and around Baltimore.  The American Legion provides help with VA benefits, employment and business guidance, and scholarships for veterans.  One post in the Baltimore area is at 3604 Hickory Ave., Baltimore, MD.  410-243-3828.

Military Order of the Purple Heart.  The MOPH helps veterans navigate the complexities of their VA benefits and act as liaisons and advisors to members of Congress concerning veterans’ issues. 31 Hopkins Plaza #1237, Baltimore, MD.  410-230-4460.

MCVet.  MCVet serves veterans in need, including homeless vets.  They offer financial training, assistance with education and employment, transportation, meal and nutrition education, food assistance, substance abuse assistance, and referrals for medical care.  301 N. High Street, Baltimore, MD. 410-576-9626.

Aid Our Veterans.  Aid Our Veterans focuses on homeless and out of work veterans.  They provide housing, shelter support, job training, emergency financial assistance, vehicle and home goods donations, and help with coordinating the services of different care providers. 7820 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD.  410-391-8721.

VFW.  Short for Veterans of Foreign Wars, the VFW assists with VA claim filings, educational scholarships, and emergency financial relief.  There are thirteen VFW posts in Baltimore.  Call 410-752-6474 to find the post that is right for you.

Paralyzed Veterans of America. Paralyzed Veterans of America gives caregiver support, covid support, and legal help.  They also assist paralyzed veterans to return to the workforce. 801 Eighteenth Street NW, Washington, DC.  800-424-8200.

K9s for Warriors. K9s for Warriors pairs highly trained support dogs with veterans struggling with mental health issues.  The organization’s goal is to end veteran suicide. 904-686-1956.

Hero Dogs.  Hero Dogs is an organization that trains and places service dogs with injured and disabled former military members.  P.O. Box 64, Brookeville, MD.  888-570-8653. 

Lighthouse, Inc.  This is a family counseling agency for veterans and their families.  They provide mental health therapy and other wellness resources.  60 Mellor Ave., Catonsville, MD.  410-788-5483.

Wounded Warrior Project.  The Wounded Warrior Project is a well-known service provider for injured and disabled veterans who served in the United States military after 9/11.  This organization tries to help veterans holistically, offering mental health, career counseling, long-term rehabilitative care, and policy advocacy.  1120 G Street NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC.  877-TEAM-WWP. 

National Military Family Association.  NMFA supports the families of military members, so that they can support their loved one who is serving the country.  They offer scholarships to military spouses, child care fee relief, and Operation Purple Camp, a sleep away camp for kids of members of the uniformed services, including National Guard, Reserve, Space Force, and the Commissioned Corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and United States Public Health Service.  2800 Eisenhower Ave. Suite 250, Alexandria, VA.  703-931-6632.

Project Sanctuary.  This organization takes military families from all over the country on therapeutic retreats, followed by two years of family support services.  They work on treating the entire family, to help them heal and thrive.  P.O. Box 1563, Granby, CO 80446.

If you or someone you know is in crisis or struggling with suicidal thoughts, please reach out now.  Vets4Warriors is available 24 hours a day to offer peer support for current and former military members, 855-838-8255.  The suicide and crisis lifeline is available by phone or text at 988.