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The Word

Heaven sent, heaven sent the Word

Heaven sent, heaven sent the Word

The Word is the answer, the Word is the Life

The Word is the Truth and the Way

The Word spoke creation before there was time

The Word speaks to us in this Day

The Word is the future, the Word is the past

The Word holds our life in his hands

The Word offers wisdom, the Word shines the Light

The Word helps us to understand

All of creation reflects who he is

The stars, moon and sun in the sky

Made in his image, each woman and man

Designed to respond to his cry

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Heaven sent, heaven sent the Word

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Bob Reilly

Bob Reilly, a Washington / Baltimore nativer has worked with a number of bands including Watercress & Chula; mostly playing in coffeehouses, universities and small clubs on the East Coast. In the 1990’s, he co-founded , Open Circle, a mid-Atlantic music collaboration, and released two recordings – Unity and Children of God. In 2005 he founded Weinot Productions, an arts advocacy company and produced two Weinot Productions studio projects – The Journey Home and Perfect Love. More recently, he has been the lead singer and guitarist for an alternative Christian folk-rock group called the BRIDGE. In 2006 Weinot Productions, released "Unexpected Ways," which contained 11 Reilly originals performed by members of the the BRIDGE and other studio musicians. For more information visit Bob on Facebook at Bob Reilly / Weinot Productions Bob Reilly & Joe Goulait Music. Contact the author.