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Coast To Coast AM With Art Bell

Radio host Art Bell often presented show which dealt with alien encounters.

“The tinge of their taut skin
is somewhat grey; their eyes
are like dull, dark circles.”
Wide awake in my bed
(as I was all last night)
I picture the terse travelers.

In a firm, knowing voice,
Art assures his listeners,
the Air Force is hiding the truth.
Scenes of saucers in flight
over Roswell permeate
the pulsars of my mind.

As with spirits and specters
and the fate of Atlantis,
this subject completely consumes.
Could the Nazca plateau,
or solstice at Stonehenge,
mark the way for these intrepid devils?

Gripping hours race past while
tonight’s guest holds forth;
Art opens “800” lines for his callers.
Truckers wax with weird stories of
strange sights in the sky.
Ranchers tell tales of vanishing cattle.

At the cue of mystic quenas,
Art abruptly signs off;
sunlight streams jar my fugitive slumber.
In the stark light, my tired skin
is somewhat grey; my eyes
are like dull, dark circles.

* * * * *

Radio legend and oracle of the other-worldly Art Bell passed away this week — appropriately enough on Friday the 13th. As noted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “He was awake when most of the country was asleep, cultivating a loyal following while sharing his fascination with the unexplained on his nighttime paranormal-themed show.” Art Bell was 72.

Lede Photo Courtesy UFOs – Mystery and Meaning: The Alien Greys

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