Wine Baskets: A Party Host’s Best Friend

The holidays are an exciting time to open your home, invite all of your friends and coworkers over, and celebrate life and those you love. However, more often than not, party day sneaks upon you, and you realize you’ve forgotten to do the heavy lifting of preparing food and drinks, not to mention cleaning your space to make it presentable for your guests. Let the wine baskets from relieve some of the party planning stress with their curated wine baskets. They do the work of choosing high-caliber wines with complementary yet interesting pairings, so that your guests will be well-fed and impressed by your wine selection.

The first wine basket we’d recommend for your party is the Entertainer. Proof of this basket’s efficiency is in the name. Each selection was chosen to host a party with a bottle of great wine and perfect pairings, making this the perfect option for party planning in a pinch. Red wine, two types of cheeses, a cheese knife, salami, olives, and stone-ground mustard round out this thoughtful wine basket. You can even use the lid of the crate that it comes in as a cheese board to make a spread of the cheeses and salami, making this wine basket a well-rounded option.

Another great option for a wine basket that’s sure to make a lasting impression at your holiday party is The Gold Standard. The standard version comes with two bottles (a Cabernet and a Pinot Gris), or you can upgrade to the premium version and get an added bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Both versions come with gourmet pairings, including a variety of chocolates and candies, as well as Camembert cheese for a savory companion to the spread.

For a more celebratory mood, perhaps a New Year’s Eve party, the For the Love of Champagne basket offers either California Sparkling Wine or Premium Champagne, plus a spread of luxury chocolates to add some sweetness to your celebration. For a more intimate celebration, try Champagne and Chocolates for Two.

To take all of the guesswork out of good wine and pairings for a crowd, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser is The Ritz. Let this basket take care of all of your drink and snack needs, so you can focus on mingling and creating a warm, jolly atmosphere to close out the year. The Ritz comes with three bottles of wine, savory snacks like nuts, white cheddar popcorn, and Gardettos. Plus, sweet treats like gourmet chocolate, peanut brittle, and candy berries round out a robust and thoughtfully curated basket.

While wine baskets always make a great gift, consider giving yourself the gift of easy party planning this holiday season with a wine basket. These wine baskets are sure to be a talking point of your gathering, and they serve as a perfect complement to long conversations, laughter, and music, so that you can celebrate the holidays with ease and warmth.