Why Your Company Must Check People Thoroughly Prior to Hiring

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Getting the right employees first time around is very important to any business, failure to do so results in time and money that has been wasted on training and improving, as well as the recruitment process itself. Recruitment is not just about making sure that you have the right people for the job, it is also about ensuring that people have a background which fits with the values of the company, and not someone trying to hide their past. If you don’t have a watertight recruitment program that makes sure to check people when they apply, here is why you should.

Friends in High Places

A perfect example of why you should thoroughly vet people before they start the role is a case which happened to a colleague of mine who has a small grocery store. The person in question was not vetted prior to getting the job, it was later found that he had a track record for theft, and so after he passed the interview he was given the position. In the first two weeks of this young man’s tenure, he was found to be offering a refund to his friends and family for goods purchased, only he would refund a significantly more expensive item onto their card. A scam like this will cost a lot of money for a small business, all of which could have been avoided with a solid background check.

Online Exploits

When someone applies for your position you should not only review their history in the real world, but also in the online world. Last year I decided to hire a company to properly vet anyone that I was considering for a job and the first applicant which they looked into immediately raised alarm bells. This young lady had previously worked for a clothing firm and upon being fired for a poor performance she took to Google to leave more than one scathing review about her ex-employer, written as though she had received bad service. Someone like this is not who you want working for you and with a smart background check, you will be able to seek them out and disregard them from the recruitment process entirely.

Company Reputation

You only need to look at the stats on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to see that we live in a world where there is more competition than ever before within many industries, so your reputation is incredibly important in terms of gaining loyalty from customers. Imagine then that you hire a member of staff without a background check, who has a criminal history. If something like this was to come out in the local press or social media, your company will be highly damaged, damage which may take a long time to come back from. Situations like this can and do happen regularly so make sure that it is not your company on the receiving end.

Check your applicants thoroughly before you decide to hire anyone for your business.