Why You Should Convert Your Garage into a Chill Out Zone

If you already have a land-based garage, but you find it a little too big for your car, and you would like some more space to chill out with your companions, but not disturb the quiet of your home, it is very likely that you will choose to convert at least a part of it into a chill out zone. This new chill out space will make a perfect zone for watching football matches on TV with all the yelling and clapping it includes, without disturbing the calmness of your home and family.

It should be a simple and affordable project, because you already have walls, basic floor, roof and lighting, and lots of room to make your space a nice and cozy chill out zone. It doesn’t require much investment and adapting, as you already have all the basics you need. You only have to improve it with some final touches that will turn it into a comfy, warm or cool place to spend some quality time with your pals who can sometimes get a little noisy when watching sports, for instance.

Improve walls, floor and ceiling

As the garage already has the basic walls, floor, roof and electricity, natural lighting, you will have to think about the areas. If you intend to keep a parking area, you will have to separate the chill out zone. It wouldn’t feel very nice sitting in a garage unless you give it some nice touches. Make a thorough plan on how it will be organized, and what areas it will feature. There should be a big sitting area, and a small bar area – at least.

The floor in the parking area needs to stay the way it is, because it is the easiest way to clean it, and it won’t be much affected by what car wheels can bring in. But the sitting area will probably need a new flooring. Having a concrete floor on the base, you may add whatever flooring you would like. It can be a nice rustic floor, or you can give it some parquet flooring, or maybe vinyl plank flooring, or vinyl tile flooring – whatever will be the most comfortable and easiest to clean.

As you already have sturdy walls and natural lighting, you should reconsider if it suits you completely. Maybe you will have to add some insulation to the existing walls, to keep the chill out garage area cool or warm, depending on the weather. Different kinds of insulation blankets can be easily attached to the walls, and you can do it yourself with not much expense. The same goes for the ceiling, so make sure you add shop ceiling insulation. The best and the cheapest way to insulate walls and ceiling is to find materials that will prevent cold, heat and moisture.

You will need some panel walls to separate the garage area from the chill out area, which are easy to install, and you can also do it yourself.

Ventilation and natural lighting

In addition to all this, you have to reconsider the natural lighting and ventilation and add a window or two, depending on how your chill out garage areas are organized. This is very important because you need enough fresh air in spaces where people gather and relax.

Heating, cooling and plumbing

If you intend to make your chill-out garage even more comfortable, stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it is time to reconsider the most suitable heating and cooling system that will not cost much, but will be very efficient. Keep in mind that the better insulation, the smaller the cooling or heating bill. So, the good insulation does a double job. With good windows on opposite walls, you can have a lot of fresh air, so maybe it will be enough to reconsider some efficient ecological heater.

If your garage is not connected to the house, you will probably need a small rest room, so there will be some plumbing job needed. Leave it to experts.

You will also be needing some more electric sockets and switches, and this job should be also left to the experts, but you have to make the exact plan of the equipment like tv and other outlets you might need. And remember that you will need a refrigerator for nice, cool drinks.

Final touch

Now that your chill-out garage is completely equipped with walls, floors, windows, and insulation, you can complete your project by adding the furniture. Choose nice, cozy sofas, and armchairs, a couple of small coffee tables, position them opposite to the tv and the bar and make a nice wide space. Cover seats with washable covers and put some washable cushions so it always feels fresh and nice in there.