Why You Need To Limit Your Caffeine

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Limiting your caffeine intake has positive effects on your overall health. You don’t need to quit consuming caffeine all together in order to live a more well-balanced lifestyle, but it does help to limit your caffeine intake to only one cup per day.

Over the past few years, North Americans have been drinking caffeine more than ever before. The workforce has been more hectic than ever, causing many employees to feel constantly drained. They rely on their caffeine pick-me-up thinking it’s going to help revive them. The truth is, it’s actually doing quite the opposite. Here are a few of the reasons why you need to limit your caffeine intake:

Reduce Anxiety

Too much caffeine can cause you to have anxiety. While caffeine is known for giving us an extra dose of energy, it also increases our nervousness and anxiety. Too much caffeine has also been linked to triggering panic attacks. If you are someone who gets stressed out easily then it is a good idea to cut back on your caffeine intake.

Sleep Better At Night

Coffee is a drink that is only meant to be consumed in the morning. If you reach for a cup of java in the afternoon or evening it should always be a decaf. Studies show that having caffeine within 6 hours of your bedtime can negatively effect your sleep schedule. You will sleep restlessly and feel drowsy the next day.

Cutting caffeine out of your life can help you fall asleep faster too. You could be one of those people who fall asleep within a few minutes of your head hitting the pillow if you try.

More Nutrients

People who don’t consume caffeine on a regular basis have an easier time absorbing nutrients. Excessive caffeine can block your body from absorbing vitamin B, calcium, and iron.  This is why it very important for elderly people to watch their caffeine intake.

If you don’t already have a well-balanced diet then extra caffeine is just going to cause you problems. Try a coffee alternative in the morning instead to get all the nutrients your body needs as well as a great pick me up. There are some great coffee alternatives available and you may find one you like even better than the caffeine-packed brew.

Balance Out Your Hormones

Ladies, you might want to pay attention to this one. A study found out that women who drink more than 2 cups of a caffeinated beverage per day have elevated estrogen levels. Having a higher estrogen level can increase your chances of developing breast or ovarian cancer, as well as endometriosis.

If that’s not scary enough, excess caffeine intake can worsen the symptoms of menopause. That should be enough to encourage a switch to decaf.

Your Head Will Feel Better

Cutting back on caffeine will help you reduce your chances of headaches. Whether you want to admit it or not, when you drink a lot of caffeine your body becomes addicted to it. This means that whenever you’re in a situation where you can’t grab your regular drink you will start to get a caffeine withdrawal, which can cause a very irritating headache.

Limiting your daily amount of caffeine can slowly get this addiction out of your system. Eventually, you will have no more headaches from caffeine withdrawal.

Healthier Digestion

Many people like the effects of a morning cup of coffee has on their bowels. Caffeine is a laxative so one cup a day can help keep you regular. On the other hand, too much can cause digestion issues and your stomach will end up doing plenty of unpleasant things.

Cutting back on your caffeine consumption can help reduce the stomach problems brought on by caffeine.

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