Why Storytelling is Important for Law Firm Video Marketing

Historically, stories are an innate part of the human race. Humans have been telling stories ever since they developed both formal and informal forms of communication. Today, the advent of the internet and advancement in technology has made it easier to tell stories through paintings, books, newspapers, televisions, websites, videos, and more. Indeed, stories have become something that marketers and consumers tell and connect with.

Generally, creating engaging and story-driven adverts to implement in your content marketing strategy or post on your social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can be challenging. It is also tricky to rationalize why you even need to invest so much energy and resources in storytelling. Thankfully, here is a comprehensive guide that explains the importance of stories to your marketing strategy and how you can bring some ideas to the table.

You need more than just high-quality images

Today, you need more than just snappy photography and excellent cinematic visuals to sell a service or product. Many marketers still think that if their services or products are high-quality, they will speak for themselves and sell. But things have changed. Nearly all your competitors have great products too. They all fight for the same customers you are targeting. This is why you should do more than just having great visuals.

Most product advertisements have pretty pictures and must be parcelled up within a great story to make a lasting impression. Think of the great story as some kind of vehicle that delivers your service message or brand message. The primary reason you need this vehicle is to deliver the intended message to the target consumer in a more palatable way. Everyone loves stories, and a great story will hold the consumers’ attention. It will make them feel emotionally invested and can stick in their minds longer other forms of information.

The importance of emotion

Most marketing experts unanimously agree that stories resonate with people because they engage them on an emotional level. People often feel wonder for fantasy worlds and sometimes root for the story characters they like. That means they are likely to get so emotionally invested in some of the characters in the story and various fictional events. They also tend to remember them longer than other forms of communication.

Incorporating a great story into your marketing message could make it easier for your target audience to connect with your brand at an emotional level. That means they will stick with your marketing message for a more extended period than they would have if you used another marketing approach. That is the power of compelling storytelling when it comes to law firm marketing.

Wrap up

Compelling storytelling ensures that your target audience pays attention to your marketing message and remembers it for as long as possible. This approach appeals to the primal side of consumers, and it is something that marketers have been capitalizing on for many years. While it is tempting to create videos that are professional and look sharp, it is equally essential to ensure that your videos have some great narrative too.