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Why Hiring Family Dispute Lawyer/Attorney is Important?

Unfortunately, family breakdown and divorce usually entail a family dispute, the resolution of which may require the services of a family lawyer or family lawyer. A large number of principals contact us with instructions to solve problems related to the division of common property after a divorce, the recovery of alimony and the determination of the child’s place of residence. The competence of a lawyer and a lawyer is not limited to resolving disputes over divorces. Building a legal position to protect the interests of the person who has applied to us largely depends on which side we will carry out our legal work. However, regardless of the party to the case:

  • Analyze your situation and evidence;

  • We offer ways to strengthen the weaknesses of your position;

  • Strengthen the strengths of evidence;

  • Provide comprehensive advice on family law;

  • We study the practice of resolving disputes in cases like yours;

  • We will offer options for resolving a family dispute

  • We will develop and implement a plan of procedural actions;

  • If necessary, we will represent your interests in the arbitration court in your absence.

We briefly describe the main areas of the dispute focused by The Ladan Law firm.


With the mutual desire of the spouses and the absence of special conditions (minor children, property disputes, etc.), the divorce procedure can be carried out through the registry office. If for some reason, this is not possible, then you must go to court to dissolve the marriage, for which you may need the help of a qualified divorce lawyer. Spouses have the right to first divorce in court and initiate the division of property in court. However, we advise you to file a lawsuit in the court containing a request for divorce and the division of property. For example, in this case, a divorce lawyer resolved the dispute in the named order.

In any case, a family dispute attorney or lawyer will hold an initial consultation free of charge and help determine the prospects for resolving the dispute, both in court and out of court.

Section of jointly acquired property

The indicated category of family disputes is the most demanded. So, almost all property, with the exception of what is specified in the law, acquired or received by spouses after marriage and before its dissolution is their common joint property. The division of property, as a rule, occurs both at the time of divorce and may follow after a divorce. Turning to a lawyer or family lawyer you will receive a well-prepared statement of claim or a response to it with a full package of documents for the court and protection of interests during the course of the proceedings. Moreover, in the practice of the family lawyer and lawyer, there have been cases where the possibility of selling common property — real estate without the consent of the other spouse — was suppressed, which provided for the possibility of its fair division in court.

In another case, a property lawyer, after the dissolution of the marriage, half of the funds paid by the spouse solely after the divorce were recovered from the spouse to repay the debt under the loan agreement drawn up during the marriage, in terms of interest and bank commission.

Collection of alimony

This category of legal services in family law is also in demand. There are two types of alimony: collection of alimony from parents, for the maintenance of minor children and from adult children, for the maintenance of disabled parents. At first glance, collecting child support does not seem to be such a difficult process. However, such misconception by the plaintiff in some cases can help the defendant to avoid providing alimony in the amount required by the plaintiff, and misconception by the defendant will not allow him to minimize the amount of money that he will pay.

For example, it is necessary to involve a family lawyer or lawyer if the spouse receives “salary in an envelope”, does not have official employment, or his / her place of work is not known. A family lawyer or attorney will hold a free initial consultation, help determine the procedure, competently draw up documents and protect interests in court.

Determining the location of the child and the procedure for communicating with him

Family disputes in determining the child’s place of residence and the procedure for communicating with him should be tried to resolve in pre-trial procedure, since a protracted trial may adversely affect the child’s condition. If, however, you decide to resort to court, family lawyers, taking into account law enforcement practice in cases like yours, will help you find the necessary arguments and evidence for the most effective protection of your interests in court.

Deprivation or restriction of parental rights

Often, depriving a person of parental rights is the only way to maintain a normal life for a child. If one of the parents does not fulfill his duties, refuses to pay child support, abuses alcohol or drugs, uses violence, you should go to court to deprive or restrict him of his parental rights. At the same time, it should be noted that the practice of resolving such disputes in the Smolensk region is quite different and differs from district to region. Therefore, if you are faced with the described situation, a family lawyer will conduct an initial consultation for free and determine the prospect of a positive resolution of the case and protect your interests in court.

Establishment of paternity

Recognition of the fact of establishing paternity is a rather narrow category of disputes, assistance in the resolution of which requires knowledge of law enforcement practice. Due to the disclosure in court of personal and confidential information about the life of the parties to the case, you can be sure that the family lawyer will keep the lawyer secret and will apply all his knowledge and experience necessary to resolve the dispute in your favor. So it was, for example, in the case.

Recovery of parental rights

It so happens that the parent, previously deprived of parental rights, realized everything and embarked on the path of correction. In this case, he can appeal to the court to be restored in parental rights. Consideration of the claim will be held with the involvement of guardianship and trusteeship authorities. A family lawyer will help in preparing a statement and preparing documents to protect your interests in court.

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