Why do you need Instagram Bot?

Instagram is loved by approximately a billion of users. We love sharing our photos, love being praised and discussed. We love to promote our businesses there, cause there is no other network where people are so engaged in the goings-on. But what is the sense of sharing content if nobody sees that? Even if your account worth that, people may simply do not find you in this stream of visual content. That’s why people are in a never-ending search for the problem-solving methods. One of those methods has become the usage of Instagram bot. Are you already thrilling with horror?

The scary words “Instagram Bot” have recently obtained a new shade of meaning. If a couple of years ago we imagined a simple concept of buying likes and follows of fake users, nowadays the things are moving around. Today’s Instagram bots are the solution for the automation of all your actions within a framework of your marketing strategy.

You need Instagram bot if…

You want to naturally increase the number of your followers/fans/customers.

Obviously, the whole process won’t take one day. First, you need to remember, that you should set up the right targeting. Point out the users’ location, the tags they use, maybe the language they speak and the gender they belong. Only then the bot can start the process itself.

What will it do? It starts with the liking of your TA posts, feed, comments, actually they can like everything that can be liked. People notice that and like you as a “thank you” gift. The next step is following. The bot follows your potential community stealing its attention and curiosity. That’s how it works.

You want to engage your audience more.

What makes people involved in the processes around? Probably, your way of interacting with them, the means you use to make your communication more frank and honest. At first sight, it seems impossible for a bot to provide the engagement, right? But no, that’s not a complete truth. First, it can imitate your behavior by commenting on people’s publications. Of course, it needs your help anyway: you have to write a dozen of really great and pleasing general in nature comments and the bot will send them out. Second, it can send Instagram DM online to your newly arrived fans, long-time friends and regular customers. That will create a crazy effect of personal private communication that no one would be able to resist.

You want to be self-consistent.

Have you come across those accs that were quite active and presented some interest but then passed out of sight for a couple of weeks? As for me, I unfollow those accs immediately, I simply do not have such patience. If you do not want those thing happening to you, you need to post regularly. It is advisingly to do that every day. Almost every bot offer the option of post planning or scheduling. So that you can write a post upfront and fix the time. The bot will publish it even without your participation.

You want to be a wild card anyway.

You need to be creatively different on Instagram otherwise you won’t attract loyal supporters. They just would be bored by your content or annoyed if you post the same text with the same hashtags over and over again. If to speak of the content itself, it’s completely your responsibility and the creativeness, and your sanity. If to speak of hashtags, you know that putting them is critical to your promotion. They should vary from post to post and be relevant. The responsibility to make them up can be shifted to the hashtag generator. It is able to make up new tags in less than no time so you can relax at least here.

You want to gain some time for yourself.

IG bots gift you the possibility to get the time to look out for yourself, to go to eat pizza with friends, to visit a grandma. It will work while you are resting. Is not that what we want in the modern world with the craziest pace of life? If you really estimate the price of time, you will definitely pay attention to this tool. Buying IG bot you buy time!

You want to save a bomb.

Surely, if you are one of the dollar millionaires, you won’t bother yourself with the issue and will hire the social media manager, but if your salary is enough only for the ice-cream, IG bot is your option. Typically, they are quite cheap and you will be able to save money for the journey to Tibet.

There were 6 major reasons why you should use IG bot as a part of your promo campaign. I hope, they seem to you strong arguments. If not, I offer you just try. Good luck!