Why Bitcoin Trading Interesting for Investors?

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These should serve as the first point of reference and as an example. Of course, you can also easily choose one of the countless other providers on the market.

But keep in mind: inform yourself thoroughly. Research and see what other people in the scene are talking about! Otherwise, you run the risk of mistaking yourself or even getting into a dubious exchange. As elsewhere in life, the same rule applies here: if an offer is too beautiful and true, then it is often actually a fraud. Given the risk and the high prices of the Bitcoin, it is better in doubt to forego a good offer too much than to fall for a scam.

How can you trade Bitcoins and what should you know beforehand?

For beginners, the topic is admittedly quite complex and therefore carries the risk of making a loss.

Bitcoin is the first digital currency and a pioneer of blockchain technology – Bitcoin has been around for ten years. The concern of the founders, who are hiding behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, was to create a decentralized, user-oriented currency that was to be practical and safe from manipulation at the same time. Bitcoin bobbed in the shallow waters of international finance during the first years of its existence, barely noticed and often dismissed as a pilot project for nerds. Since 2016, however, interest in the cryptocurrency and its numerous imitators or offshoots such as Bitcoin Cash has been growing.

How does Bitcoin work?

The most important advantage: Payment always takes place directly and without the intermediary of a bank or another central facility.

Bitcoin or BTC is, on the one hand, the unit of the means of payment, on the other hand, it is also the computer network that manages it. The blockchain network is behind the cryptocurrencies – all Bitcoin users who manage it via the associated software are part of it. Every transaction with Bitcoin is added to the blockchain’s transaction list to keep it up to date. For this, new “blocks” are continuously added, the contents of which are passed on to all computers in the network. Anyone who makes their computer available for these administrative processes in the blockchain generates new Bitcoins through the computing power expended. The “mined” Bitcoins of this kind benefit the prospector. Some countries still not allowed the use of bitcoin in their countries.

What makes Bitcoin trading interesting for investors?

The zero interest rate strategy of the European central banks ensure that traditional savings simply don’t pay off.  Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, was created from the outset with the intention of offering investors such alternatives. The soaring Bitcoin in 2017 shows how high the interest is now. Even if the price of Bitcoin has fallen again in the meantime, the digital currency will remain in business due to its long-term availability and decentralized security. Because of high demand, this digital currency is getting popularity in the middle of investors.

After splitting off the – faster and cheaper – Bitcoin Cash, there is an increasing tendency to make Bitcoin attractive as “digital gold” for investors. This is ensured by the limited amount of Bitcoin and the sluggishness of the Bitcoin blockchain. With limited block sizes of 1 MB, the advocates of classic Bitcoin are defending the concept of a virtual financial draft,

Anyone who prefers Bitcoin over other cryptocurrencies for ideological reasons will now wonder how to trade Bitcoin.

Investors can buy and own the digital currency themselves and then sell it at a rising price. This is similar to the procedure in Forex trading. Alternatively, one can speculate on price development without actually having Bitcoin. The latter is possible via financial derivatives, for example, contracts for differences, also called CFDs. You get information about bitcoin here at bitcoin era website

Trade Bitcoins directly

If you want to buy and sell the cryptocurrency directly, you need the software, i.e. the software for receiving or transferring the digital currency. Handling is very easy, especially for users who are already familiar with electronic banking. After the installation, users immediately get to the main window of the software and are guided through the setup step by step.

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