Why Best Version Media Are Reviewed So Highly

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Ever since websites such as Glassdoor and Indeed have come along which allow employees to review the company that they work for, businesses have begun to realize that they have flaws which are now being made public. If you want to attract the best staff to your business then you simply cannot afford to have negative reviews on sites such as this.  It is for this reason why many businesses are looking to follow in the footsteps of companies like Best Version Media, an international publishing company who are always ranked highly by their employees. This is a company with a great working culture that attracts the very best in the business, and here is why they are valued so highly.

Clearly Defined

Best Version Media have created this positive culture around the business because the roles of the staff are very clearly defined, and so too are the consequences of their actions. The workforce understands exactly what is required from them and they also know that if they do well, their success will be celebrated by the team. Equally any kind of punishments are also clearly defined and understood. The top and bottom of this is that staff have clearly defined goals and objectives which simply makes their lives easier.


There is a huge emphasis on the team as a unit here at Best Version Media and through their team building activities and treatment of the team, it has helped them to forge a strong dynamic and a happy workforce. Knowing that you can rely on your team and that you get on with your team is essential for any worker and because of the way that Best Version Media focus on how the team operates, on the whole, they have been able to create a really vibrant and positive culture.


Instead of a Draconian outlook on holiday time or personal time for your staff, you could look to employ a strategy that Best Version Media have which is about being flexible with the team and their needs. The result of being open to staff’s needs is not only a workforce which is happier but also a workforce which will, in turn, do all that they can to help the business. If you refuse someone some time off for a doctor’s appointment, you can’t then expect them to bend over backward for the business, it is about give and take.


Staff spends most of their lives at work and if everything is serious and monotonous then you will only make the staff low on morale. Best Version Media understand this and they inject fun into much of what they do, with competitions, events, and celebrations of success. You must be careful of course that it is not all fun of course as this should be about both playing hard and working hard.

If you want positive reviews you have to ensure that you have created a great culture within your business.