What Makes Arnon Dror So Inspirational

Some years ago a man called Arnon Dror came into our lecture theater at college and gave us a compelling speech on what it takes to become a great business person. That day I swapped contact details with Arnon and he was kind enough to offer me some work during my college years. Under Arnon’s tutelage I was able to learn about what he had done so well here in Portland, Oregon, and use that to find success in my own business endeavors. Not only am I truly grateful to Arnon Dror for helping me out so much but I am also greatly inspired by him, and here is why.


Despite the fact that Arnon Dror has been in business for such a long time, both here in Portland and beyond, he still works tirelessly to refine his business craft and seek perfection in everything that he does. I imagine that in many cases such seasoned business people would believe after a while that they have it all figured out, especially someone who has had such great success as Arnon. This, however, is not the case and he always tries to find new ways of working and ways to improve how he works.


People often say that a great business person could work in any industry and do well and Arnon Dror is certainly a testament to that. Arnon has worked in a wide range of industries and sectors from his role as VP with industry leader Xerox to his work with financial institutions. His success represents the core skills for business which he has, as well as his ability to transfer these skills to whatever he turns his hand to, a very inspirational quality indeed.

Passing the Torch

I am not entirely sure where he finds the tie to do this but Arnon is a great inspiration for many other people here in Portland, Oregon and this is thanks to his efforts in helping younger business minds. As I mentioned previously Arnon often goes into colleges to speak about business and he was a great help to me in the early days of my company, trafficking contacts and clients my way when I was desperate for leads and sales. Arnon has never had the ‘pull the ladder up Jack’ approach and he is clearly someone who wants to use his success to help others.

Forward Thinking

The speech that Arnon have in the lecture theater that day was about innovation and the phrase ‘innovate or die’ really stuck with me. This is something which Arnon has always looked to achieve both personally and professionally. Arnon refuses to stand still in his business life and he will always look for new ways of working, new solutions and new trends. Throughout the years Arnon has reinvented both himself and the companies that he has worked with and that is why he has managed to stay relevant, and continuously be a great role model for people like myself.