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Why Amusement Parks Can be Deadly

A day out at an amusement park should be an enjoyable occasion. However, in some unfortunate events, people can be left with devastating injuries due to mechanical failure and human negligence. The National Children’s Hospital reports that there are over 4000 amusement part accidents treated a year including bumps, cuts, and life-threatening injuries. Add this to the number of adults injured on rides and you’re looking at a catastrophe. There are several ways that a day at the amusement park can be ruined, and we will cover them below.

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The Human Touch

Ride operators are supposed to ensure your safety at all times. However, some people take risks and cut corners – which puts the well-being of families on the line. Operators are trained by amusement parks and essentially left to their own devices. This means that they can get away with unsuitable behavior. Some operators show up to work drunk or under the influence of drugs, others use their mobile phones while operating rides, and some just have no regard for regulations. All it takes is a moment of distraction and a missed safety check and the outcome can be devastating.

If you find yourself put at risk by a ride operator, get in touch with a quality injury lawyer like Hill & Moin LLP.

Where Is This Child’s Parent?

Not every accident at an amusement park can be blamed on the owners/operators. There is a degree of parental responsibility to supervise a child and ensure they aren’t doing dangerous things – like clambering onto tracks. Letting your child loose at an amusement park could lead to them gaining access to rides with a higher restriction – which will put them at risk. Children, especially teens, use all kinds of tactics to raise their height. Even some parents get involved, which you can see from forum posts like this. Keep your child safe and make sure they are following the rules, since you’ll only be pointing the finger when they get into a serious accident.

The Most Dangerous Rides

Rollercoasters are exciting and entice thrill-seekers all over the world. However, they shouldn’t actually put your life in danger. However, everything from mechanical failures to human error can leave you seriously injured… or dead.

Traveling amusements are fun, but they come with risks. These rides are repeatedly put up and down after each city. Unfortunately, the structural integrity of carnival rides isn’t always the best. Further, although these rides are regulated for safety, there is more chance of human error involved.

Water rides are also amongst the most dangerous rides. Recently, there have been reports of boat rides overturning in Iowa, resulting in the death of an 11-year old.

Amusement parks are fun for the most part. However, accidents do happen and a fun family day out can result in a deadly trip. As parents, ensure your children are supervised at all times and understand the risks of flouting the rules. If you are put at risk by ride operators, make sure you know your rights and contact an attorney.

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