Where to Look for Your Front-end Developer?

Finding an experienced and qualified front-end developer can be quite difficult, despite the large number of professionals in this field in the labor market. Some employers find them among freelancers, others look through resumes on various job search portals.

Things You Have to Learn

The process of developing a website has long since evolved into a multi-tiered structure with hierarchical divisions into sections like front-end and back-end. The last one refers to the code that runs on the server to load websites or web applications, their operational algorithms, and databases. Front-end is the client side of the user interface in relation to the hardware and software. The division of responsibility makes the process of hire dedicated frontend developers a bit more complicated, because no one wants his client to go to the site – to see broken code and messed up inscriptions. Something that may help you to understand a little faster which developer is good and which one is not – grading.

Developers classify themselves into categories such as junior, middle, senior, and lead, based not on the number of years as recruiters might think, but on their skills and abilities. This classification looks as follows:


A newcomer to front-end development with one to two years of experience, this individual typically works under close supervision, focusing on basic tasks such as bug fixes or simple feature implementations. Their journey is marked by learning and adapting to best practices in coding and collaboration within a team.


A more advanced developer, with 3 to 5 years of experience, capable of managing almost all tasks independently. They have a solid understanding of front-end technologies and can solve complex problems with minimal guidance. Middle developers often begin to mentor juniors, contributing to code reviews and the architectural planning of smaller projects.


A top-level professional in front-end development with more than 6 years of experience, who can tackle any challenge presented. Senior developers are experts in their domain, bringing innovative solutions to the table. They lead by example, setting standards for code quality and performance. Their role often extends beyond technical expertise to include strategic planning and decision-making.


The principal developer and leader of the entire team, overseeing both the technical aspects and the management of the development staff. Leads are responsible for the overall direction of project development strategies, mentorship, and ensuring the team meets its goals. 

So What is Front-end?

When we open a website or an application, we interact with menus, various buttons, banners, panels, and animations – this is called frontend.

Front-end development is the creation of the external interface of websites and applications. For a front-end developer, it’s important that users can easily find everything they need on the site. For example, to read details about a product, learn about its benefits, read reviews, watch videos, and make a purchase.

An Option for You

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