Where to leave your pet in Baltimore if you’re going on vacation? 

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Image by Spiritze from Pixabay

Just as there are many different vacation destinations for us, it seems there are just as many options available for our furry companions. The possibilities for pet care services are endless; between in-home service, boarding facilities, and resorts, finding a quality provider needs to take top priority. Finding a provider that offers quality care, interaction, socialization, and other popular amenities is crucial to your pet’s wellbeing. 

You’ll also have to decide whether you’d like to keep your pet in-home or whether you’d like them to stay at a separate facility while you’re away. For younger, high-energy dogs, a boarding facility offers plenty of activity. For older dogs or those with anxiety issues, finding a facility that provides in-home care may be the ideal solution for your pet.  

 To help you in your search, here are five different places to leave your pet in Baltimore: 

Barks and Blooms

 Although you may be trying to find a pet hotel, this service may be an alternative solution. This service allows personalized options for your pet, which includes in-home care or staying with the dog walker (in their residence). All services will include a morning and evening walk for your pup, food, watering, and lots of TLC. The company caters its services to cats as well, with options for in-home care for your cat. These services include food, water, litterbox cleaning, along with some personalized attention during their stay. Likewise, this location currently offers rodent or small animal care that will ensure all pets are well cared for on your vacation. These services are ideal for senior pets (that may struggle adapting to new environments), anxious pets, or those animals that prefer home comfort. 

Woofs and Wags Pet Lodge

When looking for a location that understands every pet is unique, this location may be the perfect solution. This facility has been in business for over ten years, so they know exactly what your pet needs to feel comfortable. Whether you want a quiet front room for your pup or your dog would rather spend time active with other dogs, there’s plenty to choose from. This location currently offers grooming options, special menu items, and even extended exercise plans to find the perfect balance for your specific pet. This location isn’t just limited to dogs either; you’ll be able to leave your cat with their boarding facility too.  

Good Doggie Day Care

While most facilities offer private rooms or steel bars, this facility believes in keeping dogs together. All dogs will be given a bed and plenty of toys to occupy them throughout the evening, keeping them comfortable even while you’re on vacation. On top of that, your dog will have additional stuffed chairs, sofas, or warm blankets to choose from too. Their kitchen offers AAA Plus dog food, suitable for all pups within the facility. Your dog will be spoiled rotten with tasty and nutritious treats throughout their stay too. Many dogs quickly find themselves at home within the center with both exercise and play areas and calming quiet rooms.  

Downtown Dog Resort

If you’re looking for a resort that offers options for your fur baby, this resort has you covered. You’ll be able to choose between the ultra resort or mini luxury suite, complete with dog beds and flat-screen televisions. The facility encourages pet owners to bring their pet’s favorite food and treats, along with any favorite toys they might have. All bookings include comfortable bedding, housekeeping, and treats. On top of that, you’ll be able to add in group play, run n’ fun services, or swimming to your pet’s daily routine 

SoBo Dog Daycare

This center functions on a play-based mentality for your pup, which is perfect for dogs needing physical activity throughout the day. All sleepover pets are given their own private space for sleeping, complete with a cozy bed (or you can bring your pet’s bedding). Dogs are given time to go out for potty breaks before carrying on throughout the day with playtime. All play facilities are supervised by staff members, complete with live webcam feeds. You’ll be able to track what your pup is up to throughout the day, any time you want. This location does require all dogs to be at least six months of age and must be altered to attend the daycare and sleepover options.