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When in Towson, be sure to stop by First Watch

First Watch, a daytime cafe from Bradenton, Fla., specializes in breakfast, brunch and lunch. Customers can choose any item from the menu which ranges from a Veg’d Out omelet, a Santa Fe salad or a chicken salad melt, anytime.

When I visited First Watch, I was impressed with the bright orange and lime green walls, and contemporary decor.  Artificial grass perches on dividers, and modern artwork hangs on the walls. Through a large opening, customers can watch cooks prepare “made to order” meals or dine outside.

I have visited First Watch twice. Initially, I tried their special, the avocado toast with two basted or poached eggs. ($8.49). Avocado blended with sea salt, lemon, and extra virgin olive oil slathered on thickly sliced toasted whole grain bread was rich. The poached eggs were cooked perfectly and spread easily when I cut the yolk with my fork, and they paired well with the avocado. Sea salt and lemon added spice, but the olive oil was hard to detect. The multigrain bread defines the avocado toast and some of their sandwiches. It is crisp with a nutty flavor. I also liked the pineapple cooler ($3.99), pineapple, orange, cucumber, lime and organic ginger. It tasted slightly tart and not too sweet, and left a cucumber and ginger aftertaste.

The following week, my companion and I split the fresh fruit crepes ($7.89) topped with organic low-fat-strawberry yogurt, scattered with pineapple, grape and melon pieces, with homemade granola on the side. The crepes were cold (purposely) with a few sliced strawberries and bananas inside. I thought it needed more fruit. However, the roasted-almond-flavored granola was the best part. Cinnamon-sugar flavored the crepes, and creamy yogurt balanced the fruit’s acidity with the granola adding texture.  A blueberry muffin served with the crepes tasted moist and fresh, and I was pleasantly surprised when the crystallized sugar crunched in my mouth.

I ordered the Lean Machine ($7.79) or cholesterol-free scrambled eggs, a turkey sausage patty, sliced tomatoes and an English muffin. The scrambled eggs were a pale yellow that I suspected were egg whites. The eggs and sausage tasted somewhat bland. Strawberry jam and whipped butter were served with the lightly toasted muffin. The dish was healthy, but plain.

First Watch offers an assortment of herbal teas, coffee, milk, juices, coolers and free refills on Coca-Cola. I enjoyed the iced freshly brewed green tea which was mild and refreshing.

The servers were efficient and pleasant, arriving at the table in less than five minutes and delivering meals in less than 10. Overall, First Watch offered satisfying food at a reasonable price.

First Watch is open 7 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., and is at 2159-D York Road in the Timonium Square Shopping Center. The restaurant offers a nutrition guide, healthy, to-go and children’s menu. Parking is available in the front lot, and reservations are not accepted. They suggest calling ahead for parties of seven or more, and they will try to accommodate. For more information contact them at  (410) 308-3447 or firstwatch.com. All credit cards are accepted.

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Dottie Lopez

Dottie Lopez loves to cook. When her children were young, they would try anything which gave her the opportunity to experiment with home style and gourmet meals. She and her husband dine out weekly and travel to places like the Caribbean, Boca Raton, New Orleans, Boston, New York, and Barcelona collecting recipes on the way. She graduated from Loyola College with an English degree, and recently took a course at Towson University that emphasized writing restaurant reviews. Her professor and classmates reacted favorably to her reviews and encouraged her to write more. Contact the author.


  1. Dottie Lopez
    Dorothy Lopez says:

    Dee, I hadn’t tried their pumpkin pancakes, but I think that I will. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Dee Simms says:

    Love their pumpkin pancakes! Location is perfect!

  3. Dottie Lopez
    Dorothy Lopez says:

    Michael, I think that you will enjoy it!

  4. Michael says:

    Coming to town in early October for a wedding. Based on this review, will definitely try out First Watch. Always looking for a new place to dine. I love good food!

  5. Anna says:

    I absolutely love crepes, but you can’t always find them on a whim. These sound fabulous. Thanks for the review. First Watch will definitely be a restaurant I try in the near future.

    • Dottie Lopez
      Dorothy Lopez says:

      Darlene, Thank you for your comment. I’m glad that you like my review, and when you stop in definitely try the avocado toast.

  6. Darlene Miglioretti says:

    Great review. I’m in Towson quite a bit and when I am, it is usually for lunch. Guarantee to visit this restaurant based on this review. I love restaurants that offer outside dining and the ability to view the meal being prepared. And can’t wait to try the avocado toast.

  7. Dottie Lopez
    Dorothy Lopez says:

    Donna, I think that you will enjoy it.

  8. Donna Bory says:

    Thanks so much for the great review. My friend and I will be meeting for brunch/lunch 10/2. This review makes me want to try this restaurant.

    • Dottie Lopez
      Dorothy Lopez says:

      Jacqueline, it’s a good spot, and I hope that you stop in. I also like the option to sit outside. Thanks for reading the review.

  9. Jacqueline Fong says:

    I am always interested in finding a good breakfast and brunch spot that is convenient to where I live, and after reading this review I will make it a point to try it. The avocado on toast seems to be the “people’s choice”, though many of the items reviewed sound like they are worth a try! Also like the fact that you can sit outside.

    • Dottie Lopez
      Dorothy Lopez says:

      Carmella, you won’t be disappointed, the food is good, priced reasonably and the service can be fast.

  10. carmella says:

    I have passed First Watch a number of times. I have been curious, but never stopped to dine. I now have a reason to sample their fare. Thanks for the review.

    • Dottie Lopez
      Dorothy Lopez says:

      Nancy, I also love how pecans crunch in my salad and add a roasted sweet flavor, and I’m glad that you liked my review, thanks!

  11. Nancy Tomlinson says:

    Have dined there twice, had very tasty salad with pecans. Your review was very thorough & now craving the avocado on toast! Great spot,friendly, nice menu!

  12. Dottie Lopez
    Dorothy Lopez says:

    They have a nice breakfast, brunch and lunch menu. Thank you for reading my review.

  13. Danielle Lopez says:

    Great review! I’ve been anxious to try First Watch!! Crepes are one of my favorites!! My mom used to make the best so it will be great to compare!! This review makes me hungry and looking forward to my visit!

    • Dottie Lopez
      Dorothy Lopez says:

      Thanks for reading it DanielIe, their crepes were very good. I was initially surprised that they served them cold.

  14. Marietta Adamo says:

    I like the variety and flexibility of the menu – from an omelet to the chicken salad melt. Enjoyed the review.

  15. Dottie Lopez
    Dorothy Lopez says:

    It has a nice casual atmosphere, and I like that you can sit outside. Thanks for reading my review Jeanne!

    • Dottie Lopez
      Dorothy Lopez says:

      Bryan, I also like that you have the option between breakfast and lunch, and that it is conveniently located.

  16. Bryan Lopez says:

    This looks like a super spot for a breakfast. Nothing is better than a great breakfast to start your day. Even better, to have a place that servers breakfast and lunch that goes beyond the normal diner fare will be greatly welcomed in our area. I can’t wait to try this place.

  17. Jeanne Hart says:

    This sounds like a perfect place to meet a friend and share a delishious bite to eat!
    Great article, definitely going to put this on my list…

  18. Dottie Lopez
    Dorothy Lopez says:

    The pineapple cooler was refreshing especially on a hot day. Thanks for reading my review.

  19. Anne Stuart says:

    I agree-the avocado toast sounds yummy. Paired with the Pineapple cooler (I’m a big pineapple fan) it sounds like a great brunch/lunch. Thanks for the write-up. I will definitely need to make a stop!

  20. Dottie Lopez
    Dorothy Lopez says:

    I love the Avocado Toast too, and I will try Bluestone Lane’s Avocado Smash when I return to New York.

  21. Emily Bock says:

    I LOVE Avocado Toast! I’ll have to give it a try next time I’m in Baltimore. Wonder how it compares to Bluestone Lane Coffee’s Avocado Smash here in New York??

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