What’s going on America: Why I did not vote in this election

Just as I started to write this article another news flash occurred stating that The New York Times just released a story indicating that President Trump told then FBI Director James Comey to end the probe on General Michael Flynn and that there are is an FBI memo that corroborates that.

If the NYT’s story is correct this is very bad for the President.

It’s time for a Congressional hearing as soon as possible where James Comey will testify. The American people have a right to know just what the hell is going on in the White House.

We should be sick and tired of closed-door testimony because they keep screaming “national security” for everything.

Labeling everything as classified is not the way you run a democracy.

The Washington Post ran a story Monday that the President revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador. The Post story listed their sources as “current and former U.S. officials.” Of course, they don’t name their confidential sources but one question I have is how could “former” officials have been present at that meeting?

Last night General McMaster came out of the White House and said that The Post story was false and the President did nothing wrong.

Then early this morning the President tweets that he did it because he has the absolute right to do it.

So, at the White House press briefing they had to change their story because of the President’s remarks. The White House wants us to believe that this was not a big deal. Well it certainly was big enough for the CIA to tell The Post not to release the information they had.

You can’t believe what comes out of the White House anymore, and you certainly can’t believe the media in this country anymore. Too much politics on both sides that distort the truth to fit their own agenda.

The other day we had former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper say that “democracy is under assault.”

This is the same guy who lied under oath as a member of the Obama Administration when he said that the NSA wasn’t getting access to every cell phone communication in the country. Then he has the nerve to cry foul because he thinks Trump is undermining democracy.

What undermines democracy are public officials like himself who perjure themselves and walk away with no charges, and others who plead the Fifth when testifying in front of Congress because they have nothing to hide.

I didn’t vote in the election. It was the only time in my life that I did not.

I couldn’t in all good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton. I believe then and now that she was corrupt, starting with obstructing justice back in the Whitewater probe. Clinton should have been indicted for releasing classified information and so should have Huma Abedin. I always respected James Comey but I believe he blew it on that one.

When the Attorney General of the United States met with Bill Clinton at the same time his wife was under investigation I knew then that she was going to get a “get out of jail free card.”

The hypocrisy and corruption in our government has no bounds.

As for Trump, again in all good conscience I couldn’t see myself voting for him. When he said that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and still get elected I saw his “Hitlerian complex” coming out. Then they kept showing segments of his TV show where he was telling people “your fired.”

What I saw was a man who was not going to be a team player. There is a big difference between running your own company and being President of a country. Then I heard him make remarks about his daughter. “If she wasn’t my daughter I would date her.” What a freakin’ pig. What father would have thoughts like that about his own daughter? Disgraceful I thought at the time.

Trump also believed that demeaning people was the way to run a campaign.

He did not win the popular vote. If it weren’t for the Electoral College he would not be President. We the people don’t elect a president in this country. Delegates elected the president.

Trump told his supporters that he was going to “drain the swamp.” He did keep his promise on that. He drained it and filled it right back up with former Goldman Sachs executives, Wall Street types and millionaires.

Then last week he brings Russians into the White House along with a Russian photographer smack in the middle of an FBI investigation that involved one of those Russians. He tells the American photographers to stay out. He shakes hands with them for a photo-op and then the Russian Embassy blasts those pictures all over the world. The next day the White House admits they made a mistake. Really, you think?

And if that was not enough he muddied the waters about the firing of James Comey when he insinuated that there may be secret recordings out there.

And why didn’t he tell Comey in person that he was fired?

Was it planned that way because he knew Comey would be out of his office and wouldn’t be able to remove anything?

And what the hell is going on with this FBI investigation on the alleged Russian involvement in the elections.

Why is it taking so long?

If the President has nothing to hide then a special prosecutor should be appointed and let the chips fall where they may.

Another problem is partisan party politics. They all have their heads buried so far in the dirt because of that that they are blind to what is going on all around them.

We need to find out what the truth is, if that is even possible anymore in this country, that is unless nobody gives a damn about our democracy.