What will a family lawyer help you with?

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Leading family law attorney Emily at Konicek Law, says: the main feature of family law cases is the high emotional charge of almost any situation. The parties to the participant, as a rule, are in a state of deep conflict, they cannot agree on anything.

Moreover, they have to understand completely unfamiliar legal procedures independently. At the same time, the stakes in such cases can be very high and each mistake can cost a person the loss of a large amount of money or property.

Therefore, to deal independently with problems that lie in a completely unfamiliar sphere is absolutely not worth it. Turn to a lawyer in family law the legitimate rights – the safest and quickest option to clean up the affairs and quietly switch to the next stage of life, knowing that all the difficulties of the transition period is over.

 1. Family Law Lawyer for Divorce

Naturally, our family lawyers are most often asked for practical help and advice in a situation of official divorce of a couple. If during the years of marriage you haven’t acquired any joint property, you didn’t take a common loan, you didn’t have any common children, and then it will be quite simple to draw up paper accompanying a divorce.

2. Family Law Lawyer in Property Division

However, most often things are much worse. For example, during the marriage, the couple managed to buy some real estate, a car, signed a joint mortgage – all of this they will have to legally divide after the divorce is filed. According to our current legislation, all jointly acquired property, as well as debt obligations must be divided equally between spouses, even if the only thing you jointly own is an unfinished garage.

You will have to turn to it if your negotiations are at an impasse. In making the decision, the court will rely on the letter of the law and the facts that your family lawyer will provide him with.

Be sure to consult with a family lawyer for your current situation! There are no absolutely identical cases, which means there can be no ready-made advice on their solution. There is always a unique combination of circumstances that will certainly need to be taken into account. For example, if you have general debt obligations, for whom the mortgage was originally issued, did you have to sell personal property to acquire the common, which of the spouses did not work for a long period of time, if you have a prenuptial agreement and the like.

3. Family Law and Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is a relatively new form of agreement in Family Law for our country. The division of property on it is completely legal, but this does not mean that there can be no disagreements and disputes during the separation of the spouses. Challenging a prenuptial agreement is an interesting court case for us, family lawyers. We have practice on them. You can count on our advice or real help in case of questions.

The last agreement is still a happy new phenomenon for our legal sphere, therefore, the decision of the judge on this issue may be unpredictable. An analysis of his text by a qualified lawyer will allow you to calculate possible options for the development of events and prepare for them.

4. Family law and child support

Children and collecting child support is another big and extremely difficult topic when dealing with a lawyer. Each parent’s duty is to provide his child with the most comfortable conditions; divorce, of course, greatly complicates this task. For the stable receipt of alimony, parents will either have to draw up their own agreement on the payment of alimony or, upon filing an application with the court, to request the calculation of these payments.

It is also extremely difficult when one of the parents interferes with the child’s communication with the former spouse, is a malicious non-payer of child support, or the father and mother cannot agree on who the child will live on a permanent basis. After a divorce, many couples can use their joint children for a long time to manipulate their former partner, revenge and the like. The intervention of an intelligent lawyer will put an end to this.

Stages of legal assistance in the field of family law

Our lawyer always begins with a detailed consultation on Family Law, at which you receive comprehensive information on your current situation. So you can independently determine whether you need further practical support from a lawyer.

In addition, a lawyer will help you solve the following problems:

  • To collect and compile all documentation related to the case, including appeals to the responsible authorities, complaints, and statements of claim;

  • To conduct negotiations with the opposing side, representatives of state structures, banks, guardianship authorities, registry office;

  • To act as your official representative at meetings that you do not have the ability or desire to attend;

  • Protect your rights directly in court, file an appeal if necessary.

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