What Watches Are The Best?

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

When men are getting themselves ready for the day there is one accessory that really puts their whole outfit together. That is their watch. Whether he is dressed for a day in the office or ready to meet up with his friends at the pub, his look is always complete with a watch.

If you’re stumped on gift ideas for that special guy in your life you can’t go wrong with a watch. There are 5 styles of watches that every man loves:

  • Field Watches
  • Racing Watches
  • Aviator Watches
  • Dress Watches
  • Dive Watches

These are the best types of watches to get for a man when a special occasion comes around. To know which one is the right gift to get you should know a little bit more about what makes each type of watch unique.

Field Watches

Field watches are basic military watches. They were originally designed for soldiers to wear on the field and still remain a popular choice with men today. A field watch should be rugged and easy to read, even if the lighting isn’t very good. The bands on these watches are usually made from leather or canvas, because during the war it was easier for soldiers to get a leather or canvas band replaced than metal.

Since field watches are a relatively simple watch to operate, they are still a favorite among men all across the world.

Racing Watches

For men that want something flashier than the simplistic field watch, racing watches are always a great choice. They are a trendier watch that comes in more varieties for color and design. However, this watch isn’t just about looking flashy. It has a purpose too.

Every great racing watch will come with 2 pushers, one by the 2 o’clock mark and one by the 4 o’clock mark. These are to start, stop, and reset the timer. These watches will also have a tachymeter for time and distance calculations. There will also be a chronograph, which is a completely separate stopwatch feature.

Aviator Watches

There are so many different styles of aviator watches to choose from, making it a very popular choice for finding one every guy will like. This design was originally made for pilots but then was later remodeled for field watched.

Similar to the racing watch, aviator watches have 2 pushers to control the timer and a chronograph. They are commonly made with a black face and luminous numbers, making it easier for pilots to read in low light situations.

Dress Watch

Every man needs a dress watch, even if it is just worn on special occasions. They are versatile and can be worn for either a business occasion or a fancy event. There were designed to finish off a formal outfit and have become a timeless piece for every man’s style.

The funny thing about dress watches is that their ability to tell time seems to be the least important feature about them to most men. Their dress watch is used to complete their more stylish looks and they treat it with the same mentality as a woman has with an expensive bracelet.

Dive Watch

A dive watch is necessary if you need to record time underwater. These watches are designed with a silicone or rubber band to prevent corrosion. They are water resistant for up to 100 meters. These watches usually have a stainless steel or titanium casing to prevent water from getting inside.

Dive watches also usually have a mineral harden glass face, which is strong and less likely to break or shatter, which is important underwater.